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The Power of Rosemary in Skin Care

rosemary in skin care
We love Rosemary in skin care at The Summit! Every day clients will probably have rosemary used in their skin treatments! That's how...

Optimize Your Skin From the Inside Out

Bend Beauty at The Summit Skin Care & Hair REmoval
We all know that the better we eat, the better our body's function. The same applies to our skin. What exactly should we eat to make our skin healt...

Changing the Way We See Sun Protection

Changing the Way We See Sun Protection
Over 30 years ago it was impossible to find a sunscreen with a 15 SPF – a 6 SPF was the highest most clients were willing to use because they still...

The Role of Anti-Oxidants for Sun Protection

What are Anti-Oxidants at The Summit Spa
How Anti-Oxidants will change the way you protect your skin from sun damage.