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Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that affects millions of people. It is a condition that the Estheticians at The Summit see on a regular basis.

As Estheticians we cannot diagnose this skin condition, but we can assist our clients through treatments and home care to manage this often distressing and frustrating skin condition. Working with clients, who have rosacea, has become one of our specialties!

Whether you have rosacea specifically, another inflammatory skin condition or  sensitive/reactive skin, there is a host of triggers that make the situation worse. Each client is as unique as their sensitivities. This creates important and necessary detective work, for both the client and the Esthetician, in order to reduce and manage inflammation skin conditions.

We have a host of proven treatments for the successful reduction of inflammatory skin concerns, as well as the removal of the prominent red veins that are often associated with it. We recommend our Clinical Skin Care Consultation, as a first step in helping you resolve these frustrating skin concerns.

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To learn how to effectively conceal your sensitive skin with makeup, that will also soothe and protect your skin, book a 30 minute Skin Finishing 101 Class with one of our Makeup Artists.