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Whether resulting from acne, injury, self-inflicted wounding or surgery, the effects can be the same for most – the diminishing of self confidence. When an injury to the skin is newer, early intervention with healing can eliminate or dramatically reduce a permanent scar.

The skin is a remarkable organ/barrier for protecting our other organs and systems from the outside world. Since it is our bodies first line of defense it is equipped with remarkable regenerating properties! The healthier we are (including our skin) before an injury or surgery the better the skin will repair. The deeper the injury the longer it will take to heal and the bigger job the skin has to heal without a scar.

At The Summit, we assist our clients in several ways with scarring.

For planned surgeries, with a thorough knowledge of wound healing, we recommend boosting the skins ability to heal with a topical treatment of Elixir Vital Serum and an internal supplement - Marine Collagen + Co-Factors. We also recommend consulting one of our Clinical Estheticians to insure these treatments are appropriate for your unique skin type. Depending on the extent on the planned surgery and the quality of your skin, we may also recommend one of our Rejuvenating Facial Treatments or a Gentle Rejuvenation LED Light Therapy Series to make sure the quality of the skin is in the best condition to heal well and quickly. A healthy skin before surgery insures a more successful outcome.

After surgeries, Elixir Vital and Marine Collagen + Co-Factors are also our two go-to recommendations for exceptional healing at home for at least one month after surgery. For in-clinic treatments, often we recommend starting a Dermasound Series of treatments once the stitches have been removed. This will further accelerate the healing. Typical healing after a surgical incision is one year for full remodelling/flattening of the scar tissue. These recommended interventions will dramatically accelerate this process and ensure a better outcome of scar tissue.

Acne scarring is more complicated depending on how old the scarring is and if there is still active acne present. A Clinical Skin Care Consultation is needed to give appropriate recommendations for treatment. For many of our clients with active acne, the scarring they perceive is actually post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is often a temporary condition and part of normal healing for some skin colours. To insure effective and quick resolution of PIH, our Master Clinical Estheticians will recommend effective home care and/or treatments. For those with long standing scarring, our 8 Week Skin Transformation Series with deeper peel techniques is usually recommended to reduce shallow scarring. The key advice for acne and acne scarring, is avoid picking and squeezing at home so that you do not have to have treatments for PIH or scarring down the road.

Self inflicted wounding/scarring is a tricky challenge to treat, as our most effective clinical treatments for scarring, require that you do not pick the skin as it is sloughing and healing after treatment. This can be almost impossible for those with an addiction to picking or wounding their skin. We therefore cannot perform these treatments. Our best recommendation is usually enhanced home care and our Dermasound Series of clinical treatments to assist the skin in healing as well as possible between wounding. 

We recommend booking our Clinical Skin Care Consultation to determine the best protocols for your unique needs and budget. Our Clinical Skin Care Consultation is 45 minutes and $38 (plus tax). We recommend bringing your home care products with you to your consultation. Call today to book 902.423.3888.