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Harnessing Light to Heal and Repair the Skin Part Two

Led Light Therapy - The Gentle Rejuvenator!

Gentle and effective skin rejuvenation with LED light energy makes not all light bad for us!

As we mentioned in Part 1 of this 2 part series, light is measured in wavelengths and harnessing some of these wavelengths of light have created great strides in skin rejuvenation. LED Light Therapy is an amazing example of this type of technology.  
For over twelve years at The Summit Spa we have been working with LED Light Therapy (our Gentle Rejuvenation Treatments) but it all started in 1903 with a Nobel Prize in Medicine to a scientist for the use of light therapy. By 1960 research had progressed and photo therapy (now LED therapy) was used mostly in Eastern Europe for the treatment of chronic pain, arthritis, joint rehab, soft tissue injury and other medical ailments. At the same time in the US it was being used in equestrian care. During the 1980’s and onward LED light therapy expanded and more research and exciting studies found that not only were tissues being healed but cosmetic conditions were improved as well! Now with 5 US patents, Light Waves LED Photomodulation Systems is a leader in this technology and found in dermatology, physiotherapy, plastic surgery and skin care clinics, such as ours, world-wide. 
We have also expanded and continue to expand the use of this exciting therapy! We are proud of the results we have been able to achieve for clients over the past 10 years with LED treatments!
Here are a few of our most asked questions:
Why does the light from this device not damage the skin like the light from the sun does?  There are many wavelengths of light that come from the sun. Some are visible and some are not. Some damage the skin and some do not. The sun emits harmful UV (ultra violet) light waves that can do more damage to our skin than good. Therefore the beneficial “visible” wave lengths of light (think of the colours of the rainbow) are neutralized by the skin damaging effects of the stronger ultra violet wave’s lengths. UV radiation is known to cause damage to all layers of the skin resulting in pigmentation and texture changes, wrinkling, sagging, skin cancer and triggering other skin disorders. Light therapy works by delivering only visible wave lengths of light energy, completely UV-free, that have been proven to energize cells, stimulate the body’s natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells similar to the benefits that plants receive from the sun.
What are LED Light Treatments? LED, stands for light emitting diodes, and is the use of different wave lengths or colours of visible and infrared light. Each LED wavelength (color) of light provides unique therapeutic benefits. LED Light Therapy or Photomodulation is different from BBL or IPL in that it is without any discomfort or downtime and is safe for all skin colours! They are similar in that they work with many of the same skin conditions. Our LightWaves LED Photomodulation System is an FDA approved device for its proven effectiveness for skin rejuvenation, pain relief and tissue repair.It works with three different wavelengths or colours of light: Red, Blue and Infrared. We customize the wavelengths used depending on client concerns.  
What conditions can be treated with LightWaves LED?

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Rosacea/Sensitive Skin
  • Scars
  • Sun spots
  • Aids in wound treatment
  •  Pain management  

How many treatments will I need? This depends on what skin concerns you have. For skin rejuvenation/acne care it is usually recommended in a series of 8 treatments once or twice a week. We also combine this with other skin treatments to boost results or reduce downtime. For clients with sunburns, bruising, post-op swelling, or other more temporary concerns we also offer single treatments to dramatically accelerate the skin recovery. 
How does it feel and look after? This has been referred to as our “magic wand” treatment because it feels like it is doing nothing (no discomfort at all) but achieves great results!  The treatment consists of relaxing under a bright but gentle light for 10-20 minutes. Your skin will feel mildly warm and often an “alive” feeling. You might experience a slight flushing and yet a reduction in redness and inflammation is almost immediately noticed. For improved fine lines and wrinkles the collagen repair process will not happen overnight. A natural looking improvement is usually noticed after 4-5 weeks and continues for three months after your treatments end as the collagen and elastin continue to repair and remodel. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee results from this treatment as we cannot control the lifestyle of our clients (smoking, alcohol, sun exposure etc) that will inhibit results achieved. 
What areas can these devices treat? Any area of your body can be treated. The most common areas are those most exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight. The most popular treatments are on the face, neck, back of the hands, arms, chest and shoulders.
Who will perform my treatments? Only our Master Clinical Estheticians will perform these treatments. We have set high standards at the Summit for performing these specialized treatments even though this is not currently a provincial requirement. Our Estheticians must have a minimum of 5 years of experience and be a Master Esthetician with a keen interest and experience in skin care before they begin their Clinical Skin Care Certification. This takes a further 6 months of training on average. Our Master Clinical Estheticians, on average, have 17 years of experience.
How do I get started? Book a Clinical Skin Care Consultation with one of our Master Clinical Estheticians. This will take approximately 45 minutes. During this time they will discuss your concerns, perform an assessment to determine if this is the correct treatment for you. They will then outline the treatments needed and cost associated to achieve your desired results.
To schedule a consultation with one of The Summit’s Master Clinical Estheticians call 423-3888.