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Thermo-Coagulation VS Intense Pulse Light Treatments for Facial Veins

Thermo-Coagulation  and Intense or Broad Band Light are two highly effective treatments for facial veins. At The Summit, our Master Clinical Estheticians perform both procedures. We love the results we achieve for clients!

We are often asked what the difference is. The key difference is the type of energy each device emits. Thermo-coagulation uses electrical energy and IPL or Intense Pulse Light (a laser-like device) uses light based energy. They both work by destroying the red blood cells and collapsing the tiny, distended visible veins that cause clients concern. 

Due to the cost of the devices, the cost of treatments will differ. Most clients find that Thermo-Coagulation is a more cost effective treatment for those few pesky veins or other vascular spots on the face and upper body. For more extensive treatments the cost can be similar between the two techniques.

For highly sensitive skin and those that can feel anxious easily, Thermo-Coagulation is our choice as it is much gentler. We also choose Thermo- Coagulation for those with very fine veins that the laser might not be able to see effectively. 

Both techniques will cause the skin to be temporarily red after with some swelling. Pre and post care of the skin is also the same with both treatments. 

Thermo-Coagulation can be performed on tanned skin while Intense Pulse Light cannot. 

The best part, no matter which device we choose, is the diminishing and disappearance of your unwanted facial redness!

If you have this as a concern, give us a call to book a consultation for complete pricing - it can start as low at $59!