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Changing the Way We See Sun Protection

Over 30 years ago it was impossible to find a sunscreen with a 15 SPF – a 6 SPF was the highest most clients were willing to use because they still wanted to be able to tan! The sunscreens were also not full spectrum – protecting from both UVA (deeper more aging rays) and UVB (shorter, summer/ mountain top only, burning rays). They only protected the skin from the burning rays. This was all that science knew at the time. With a better understanding of all the suns  wave lengths of light-the damage and benefits that they each cause - we can better protect our skin. Although most clients visit The Summit seeking how to look better – brighter, smoother, less wrinkled with more even skin tone – our big goal is to first to protect the skin cells. We are trying to protect them not just from deadly skin cancers but also skin conditions triggered by sun damage such as rosacea, pre-cancerous lesions and other benign growths. This is our passion and the discoveries in science fuel it!

With more scientific studies comes more interesting and exciting sun protection! Both from the inside and the outside! To start - sunscreens have become much more interesting – there is now a sunscreen designed to be suitable for every skin type and desire. Clients can no longer say “I don’t use sunscreens because of the way they feel.”

The next big breakthrough happened about 10 years ago or more with the science behind anti-oxidants. Most clients have now heard of anti-oxidants even if they don’t fully understand them. The quick explanation is that they protect our cells from the destructive powers of free radicals from the sun and pollution. When your cells become damaged or destroyed it becomes an avalanche of destruction to the integrity of your skin and its ability to be your body’s largest organ of protection.

The exciting part is that in the right formula of percentage and PH, anti oxidants can also repair previous damage! They can reduce pigmentation, even, smooth, reduce wrinkles and inflammation! Our favourite topical anti-oxidants for years is Skinceuticals although there is a new kind in town in GMC Medicals Anti Oxidant Serums. All are ultra-light serums that are applied to clean, dry skin before your moisturizer and sunscreen. They feel like nothing on the skin but their power for change is big!

The latest is what Bend (formerly Ascenta Skin) is doing! We have been using and recommending this product for the past 5 years with great success in working with clients with inflammatory skin concerns , dryness and premature aging. Due to recent research and Health Canada approval, this internal supplement has become the game changer for protecting the skin from sun damage FROM THE INSIDE! To be able to help protect the skin from head to toe in this way is exciting!

Our three top tips for ultimate in Sun Protection (plus skin health & beauty)

  1. Skinceuticals’ CE Ferulic, Phloretin CF, Serum 10 or GMC Medicals’ Serum 10 or 20 (anti oxidant serums) applied in the morning.
  2. Followed by a topical sunscreen all year round. Note: use at least ¼ tsp to cover face and neck to get the full SPF.
  3. Take Bend Beauty Anti Aging supplements.

The above is also our best advice for an anti aging skin care program!  Follow steps one, two and three and then call us in 3 months!

Our top 3 sunscreens for the face

  1. Skinceuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50
  2. GM Collin
  3. GMC Medical
  4. Glymed Photo Age Environmental Gel SPF 15