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Yonka's History Over 70 Years

Yonka was established in 1954 by brothers Ernest & Cecile Mühlethaler and Ernest's brother Charles in outskirts of Paris. On a farm, Yon-Ka Paris a quintessential French brand, was created fuelled by the botanical passion of the Mühlethaler family. They created a product, a quintessence of essential oils, for medical purposes and was used in hospitals to treat burns related to World War 2. This iconic product is still the center of the brand and is called Pure Emulsion.

Yonka pure emulsion

Pure Emulsion is a formulation of five key essential oils from plants - Lavender, Rosemary, Geranium, Cypress and Thyme. The effect on the skin cells of this quintessence of aromatic plant oils is powerful, soothing, revitalizing and creates a truly unique sensorial experience. In 1956 came the birth of another iconic product - Yonka Lotion. This multiple award-winning product was recently described by Vogue magazine as "One of the Best Skin Care Products!". 

Yonka lotion

Yon-Ka not only provides your skin with the most precious part of plants - their revitalizing essential oils full of solar energy but also complementary active ingredients - vitamins, fruit acids, polyphenols, peptides, minerals and oligoelements that act in synergy for effectiveness for the specific needs of the most demanding skin types.

Yonka skin and body care is not only a brand that smells uniquely amazing made with nice plants but it is the science behind the brand that creates the wow and longevity. We think of Yonka as one of the first truly clinical skin care brands. They have been focused on essential oil therapy for 70 years plus were the first to incorporate AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) and anti-oxidants in their products - over 65 years! What's new for many brands now, Yonka has been doing since it's founding especially it's commitment to nature and the planet.

Today Yonka is owned by Catherine Muhlethaler, the daughter of one of the brothers and her son Alexi. Since 1968, Catherine (Esthetician) and her sister Francoise (Biochemist) have been the force behind the brand until Francoise's death in early 2023.  They are pioneers of plant based treatments that are still manufactured in Paris, France and distributed world wide to over 5000 clinics and spas. 

In 1999 they moved from the back garden to their world class facilities. This is a place of the highest standards of any brand and are dictated by the brand’s ethics and scientific approach of their chemical engineers, pharmacists and biologists, Estheticians and physicians. It is also where our staff have gone many times for training and visits. 

Each year Yonka has recommitted to fostering a healthy skin and planet. In 2013 they added a commitment to saving the bees by reinvesting profits to this worthy cause to insure a healthy life for all plants and animals on the planet including us. In 2020 they started revising their packaging, shipping and sourcing on all products to further increase sustainability.

Each year they continue to win awards as well as celebrity accolades so it looks like they are not slowing down at 70! Last year alone they won the prestigious, Best Luxury City Spa in South East Asia at the 17th Annual World Luxury Spa Awards! They were also awarded Best Vitamin C Serum awards in 2023 for their new and innovative, all nature, C20Serum. 

Thank you Yonka for 70 years committed to our care! 

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Phyto-Contour Tracee Ellis Ross and Kerry Washington, Shakira.

GommageMartha Stewart

Lotion Yon-Ka Hillary Swank, Martha Stewart, Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Garner

Yonka Cleansing Milk - Jennifer Garner

Phyto 58 - Kylie Minogue, Shakira

Grapefruit Cream for normal to oily skin - David & Victoria Becham, Martha Stewart, Shakira

SOS Spot Treatment - Katherine Heigl

Cream 15 - Katherine Heigl

Gel Cleanser - Madonna

Cleansing Cream - Oprah