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Top Tips to Repair Dry, Winter Skin

Itchy, dry, irritated skin this winter? Easy to get and easy to fix! Top Tips from our Master Clinical Estheticians. 

With dropping temperatures, the airs humidity dramatically decreases causing your skins surface to lose water. If your skin loses too much water, it's protective functions falter and inflammation begins. Although drinking water is helpful for every cell in our bodies, it does not correct dehydration on your skins surface in the winter.

Lack of surface moisture can wreck havoc on many skin cell functions. The skin's pigment producing cells become compromised increasing hyper-pigmented spots. If your skin type is oil-rich or if you are acne-prone, rosacea-prone, eczema-prone or have other skin conditions all of these concerns will be dramatically increased.   

Here are our top tips for soothing, healing, hydrating and preventing these winter skin challenges.

Prevent - If your skin is just a bit dehydrated and tight feeling

Face & Body:

Bend Beauty Renew & Protect - increasing your water drinking cannot come close to the hydration benefits of taking Bend Renew & Protect! With improved hydration usually noticed within two weeks. Other key skin benefits such as reduced inflammation, UV protection, increased firmness and smooth texture. 


GM Collin Hydramucine Treating Mist - spray on after cleansing to restore hydration and allows your skin to better protect itself against dehydrating conditions. Great for all skin types and concerns.

Phytomer Hydracontinue 12 Hour Moisturizing Flash Gel - apply a few drops prior to your moisturizer morning and night. Also excellent to re-apply half way through the day even over makeup! Great for all skin types and concerns. 

Glymed Ultra Hydrating Enzyme Mask - exfoliates, moisturizes, detoxifies and renews with hydrating botanicals and antioxidants. An easy and ideal exfoliant to use while in the tub or other multi-tasking option!

Yonka Mask #1 - number one in hydrating,  this time-released hydrating mask is ideal to be applied on top of your night cream and left on all night. Also excellent in a thin layer under sunscreen for a day of outdoor, winter activities.

LaNatura Lip Balm - protect your lips with a truly hydrating lip balm. 



Kneipp Almond Body Wash - ditch the drying bar soap in the shower! This simple switch used with Daily Concepts Exfoliating Gloves or Back Scrubber will keep you soft and hydrated this winter!  

Bathorium Milk Bath - this coconut and oat milk bath is sure to soothe and hydrate your skin as well as soothe sore muscles from shovelling! It was also chosen for The Ellen Degeneres Show's Winter Be Kind Box (one of only two Canadian products!)

Yonka Hand Cream - keeping your hands hydrated is key! This exceptional hand cream is worth every penny to prevent winter hand irritations. 

Gehwol Blue Foot Cream - prevent your feet and toenails from becoming dry, and cracked with this herbal wonder cream.

Phytomer Ultra Hydrating Body Milk - this ultra light body milk is deeply hydrating like the richest cream. This has been one of our best selling body milks for many years for it's stellar effectiveness. After as little as one week of use you will see it's value!

Repair - if your skin is very dehydrated, dry, irritated and itchy. 

Note: avoid AHA or Retinol in your day or night cream if your skin is in need of repair from winter dryness. Need help in choosing a new day or night cream? Call or stop by so one of our experts can help. 

Face & Body:

Bend Beauty Renew & Protect - It will take  approximately two weeks before the hydration and reduction in sensitivity begins but it is worth the wait! Deep repair and reduced inflammation will be worth it! 


Yonka Cleansing Milk - this soothing, rich cleansing milk is ideal for all skin types even the most sensitive and irritated. We recommend using it with an ultra- gentle Daily Concepts Konjac Sponge instead of a harsh wash cloth when the skin is that compromised. Also available in a travel size. 

Glymed Cell Protection Repair Balm - our #1 recommendation for repairing very irritated, dry, flaky skin! Apply directly to dry, irritated spots or mix a small amount with favourite moisturizer.

GM Collin Ceramide Comfort Capsules - These little gold nuggets of soothing, repair goodness are perfect to apply to the skin before your favourite moisturizer.

Yonka Elixir Vital enriched with 24 amino-acids this is our perfect rescue serum for weather-stressed skin! 

Yonka Sensitive Mask - Apply nightly in a generous layer on top of your night cream for ultra soothing and repair.

GM Collin Repair Lip Balm or Jane Iredale Hypropure Hyaluronic Acid Lip Treatment- must haves when your lips feel beyond repair!


Kneipp Evening Primrose Calming Body Wash - make washing your body an ultra soothing, repairing and hydrating experience. Use with a Bathorium Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge  for a gentle cleansing instead of a harsh wash cloth.  

Kneipp Evening Primrose Calming Body Oil This body oil contains a special combination of high-performance botanical oils which feature a high level of essential fatty acids to feed and calm very stressed and irritated skin  plus promote its regeneration as it protects from damaging winter weather. 

Kneipp Almond Bath Oil - dry, itchy skin will breathe a sigh of relief with this rich, moisture replenishing bath of plant oils.

Glymed Cell Protection Repair Balm - our #1 recommendation for repairing very irritated, dry, flaky skin! Apply directly to dry, irritated spots or mix with body milk or creams. Great for problem hands and feet including eczema. 

GM Collin Soft Hand Cream - our top pick hand cream for ultra dry, sensitive skin. Boost it even more at night with a small amount of Glymed Cell Protection Repair Balm. 

GM Collin Melt-in Body BalmThis exceptional body treatment cream is excellent for reducing irritation for clients with highly sensitized and eczema-prone skin conditions.