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Medi Pedi VS Classic Pedi

At The Summit, we are well known for our high quality pedicures. This is due to the extensive training and extra qualifications of our Estheticians. Many of our Estheticians are also Certified Master Podologists. This means that their work on your feet can go beyond the basics. 

What are the basics?

Our Classic Pedicure is a one hour basic pedicure. It includes:

  • a callus softening foot soak
  • nail trimming
  • cuticle grooming
  • minor callus removal
  • foot massage
  • polish application (if no polish is desired more time is spent on massage)

For many of our clients, the basics are not enough to address their foot care concerns. This is where our Medi-Pedi and our Certified Master Podologists are best suited for your feet.

If you have any of the following foot concerns then a Medi-Pedi is for you:

  • corns
  • corns in your nail folds
  • heavy callus
  • cracked heels
  • ingrown or involuted toenails
  • thickened toenails

A Medi-Pedi allows extra time and has the expertise of one of our Certified Master Podologists to address any of the above concerns, as well as the basics. If you would also like to have your nails polished with your Medi-Pedi,  be sure to ask for this at time of booking to insure the proper amount of time.

No need for a Medi-Pedi but you want more Luxury or Bliss? We also offer two other pedicures - our luxurious Signature Pedicure with extra massage, exfoliation and paraffin and our total bliss-out Pedicure/Reflexology. Need a Medi Pedi but want more bliss? Simply book a Medi Pedi and a Reflexology Treatment. 

Have you decided which of our Pedicures is the right one for you? Call us now to book! 902.423.3888. Your hard working feet will love you for it!