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Tired Achy Feet: Consider Reflexology

Tired, achy feet?  Whether you are 2 or 82, Reflexology will benefit you and your sore, tired, achy feet.

Reflexology has been around for approximately 4000 years. Egyptian tomb drawings were discovered showing Reflexology being done in 2300 BC.  It was introduced to the United States in 1913 by Dr. William H. Fitzgerald and Dr. Edwin Bowers. 

According to the Chinese, the different pressure points in the feet correspond with different parts of your body and that by performing Reflexology the vital energy will flow through the body promoting balance and well-being.  It was discovered by Eunice Ingham “that the reflexes on the feet are a mirror image of all your organs, glands and other parts of the body.”

Reflexology is the ultimate in relaxation. It is a deeply relaxing treatment with benefits that can be felt throughout the body

Is there anything more relaxing than a foot massage, especially for sore, achy, overworked feet? By receiving Reflexology, you are doing a great thing for your entire body, mind and soul. 

Sore feet can be an indication of something else going on in the body. Think about this – your foot is sore on the side just under your little toe.  Also, your shoulder has been sore.  Did you know that these two spots on your body are connected?  By performing Reflexology on that sore spot on your foot, it could ease the pain in your shoulder. All the pressure points in your feet are connected to another part of your body. Isn’t that amazing?!

Just think about how relaxed you are when someone massages your feet, now add purpose to that massage with Reflexology. With a series of pressure point massage techniques we can help you relax, perhaps sleep and help your tired, achy feet.

How does this work?  By performing a series of pressure point massage moves over your entire foot, we are clearing energy blocks. Clearing these blocks is like a detox for your body.  Reflexology is like a kick start for your body’s own self-healing.  It gets the energy moving again. Relaxation and a few added bonuses!!

How is Reflexology done here at the Summit? First we soak your feet in a detoxifying herbal bath. We then lay you back on one of our comfortable beds and drape you in blankets for your comfort. Once you are settled and comfortable, we perform a few relaxation movements on your feet, then we begin the pressure point massage moves. Once both feet are complete, we finish with an amazing foot and leg massage.

There are many other possible benefits to Reflexology.  Some of them can be:

  • Improvement of nerve function
  • Improvement of brain power
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Eliminating body’s toxins
  • Boosting metabolism and energy levels
  • Reducing headaches

We invite you to try this amazing treatment whether you are 2 or 82 – Reflexology is for you!