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Looking Great on a (Time) Budget!

Is your self care, skin care and makeup routine often relegated to the bottom of the “to do” list.  Do you want to look your best but your VERY busy work style means you only have minutes to spare?

Here is The Summit Spa's top tips that we have shared with thousands of busy working women and men on creating and maintaining a successful “looking your best” routine:

1. Go for Great Skin – Healthy, clear skin is a great calling card. No amount of makeup can make a tired, un-cared for skin look great.

Four times a year make time to visit a Clinical Esthetician that specializes in skin care. Now is not the time to look for the cheapest deals. Expertise is both time saving and money saving. Time your visits with the changing seasons so your at-home care can be adjusted for the challenges of seasonal weather changes. Let your Esthetician know how much you travel, where you travel, and how much time you spend outdoors.  Be candid about your time and financial budgets.

2. Exfoliate – One grooming step that can yield the best results is exfoliating. Removing dead, dry skin cells instantly brightens and evens the skin helping to create that sought-after glow. It also helps creams and serums work more effectively; clear breakouts and improve the look of makeup.

 Top time saving and result packed exfoliants:

Facial Exfoliants (Pick one)

Phytomer Vegetal Peel –  gentle and effective  and can be applied at night on a clean skin instead of a night cream. It will exfoliate as you sleep! Simply rinse off in the morning.

Glymed Gentle Facial Wash – two in one products are great and this one gets top marks! This lightly foaming cleanser contains alpha hydroxy acids to smooth, exfoliate and clean the skin. You will need a separate eye area cleanser as it is not suitable for the skin around the eyes.

 Body Exfoliants

Sea salt & oil scrubs are great but can be time consuming and messy to clean up.

For big results with little time Daily Concepts Exfoliating Gloves are two gloves that you wear in the shower to wash with.  They are perfect for those prone to ingrown hair.

3. Beauty from the Inside Out Bend Beauty Anti Aging Formula  is an internal supplement containing Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin D, Lutein and Zeoxanthin. It works to protect and repair the skin from sun damage, hydrate and reduce inflammation from head to toe. Great big results - quick and easy to use.

4. Use sunscreen...daily. Prevent sun damage (cancer, wrinkles, pigment and sagging ) so you don’t have to spend more time and money trying to fix later. 

5. Invest in Permanent Hair Removal – struggling with unwanted hair can wreck havoc on self esteem and the appearance of your skin. Tweezing and waxing are temporary and time consuming fixes. It might take 6 months to 2 years of Electrolysis or Laser hair removal to achieve permanency but the time and money will be one of your best investments.

6. Create a quick & effective way to enhance your eyes Great eyelashes and brows give an instant youthful lift to the eyes.

For great lashes avoid time consuming services like lash extensions to get them. Instead of lash extensions grow your own! Eyenvy is a must-have Canadian product that is applied daily to the base of your lashes that dramatically increases their length and condition. This is a must try!

Other lash enhancing favourites are Blinc Amplified Mascara, Blinc Lash Primer and a  CurlPerfect Lash Lift. Blinc is a line of eye–only makeup products designed to be life-proof (water, sweat and smudge-proof) yet they are all easily removed with water. A CurlPerfect Lash Lift is a professional service that holds your upper lashes in an eye-opening curl for 6-8 weeks and takes only 45 minutes to perform.

For the quickest way to great brows consider having electrolysis so you don’t have to wax, shape or tweeze again! It typically takes 6-12 months with appointments every 3 weeks  to complete. Well worth the time for a lifetime of having great eyebrows!

7. Avoid time consuming manicure services. Often the services that profess to save you time – nail extensions and shellac manicures – take more time. If you have extensions, breaking a nail or needing a fill never happens at convenient times. The service is time consuming and finding a great nail care provider when you travel can be difficult. Shellac manicures might leave you with a longer lasting polish application but can be difficult, time consuming and hard on your natural nails to remove.

 If you love great looking, polished nails consider getting a great manicure monthly (we will make sure to seal your nail edges with polish for a longer lasting polish application!). After the manicure, follow-up with an application of clear top coat every other day (don’t forget to seal your edges!) to make the polish last a solid two weeks!

Want to do your nails yourself? Opt for OPI’s Infinite Shine Collection of Primer, Polish and Top Coat. This three step system is one of the longest lasting, quickest drying and with the highest shine!

8. Simultaneous Services – most grooming services (pedicures, manicures, facial waxing, lash lifts/ tints and facials) can be performed simultaneously by two or more Estheticians. You might not find it quite as relaxing as spending 3 hours at The Summit but looking great from head to toe in an hour is worth it! Just let us know when booking that you are on a time budget.

Here’s to looking great in as little time as possible!