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Is your beauty sleep aging you?

A few years ago we took an educational class on the different types of wrinkles and how to prevent them. We thought we knew a lot about this topic already but we learned a very crucial "missing link" in wrinkle cause and prevention. We learned all about this from an RN (Kim Renton) that worked for years administering and training in Botox and filler injections for wrinkle reduction. It is here that she learned first hand about "Sleep Wrinkles" - wrinkles that are not caused by expression (smiling, laughing, frowning) and are therefore not able to be treated with Botox.

Here at The Summit, we don't offer Botox but we do offer treatments/home care/education for skin health and aging related to the environment (sun, pollution, smoking) and the internal skin climate (foods and supplements). We can lessen and improve expression lines/wrinkles through scientifically-proven active ingredients in serums, creams and clinical treatments.

We are excited to help prevent and improve SLEEP WRINKLES, those wrinkles that result from our faces being mashed into our pillows for 6-8 hours a day. For those over 40, you know those wrinkles well! They are the ones we wake up to! Sadly, with each passing year they take longer to go away after waking until they are permanently etched into our faces.

The answer? Our enVY Pillows! Designed with a very unique patented support system so you don't sleep on your face! Continue reading about our new enVY Pillows or come in and try for yourself (all of our treatment tables now have them)!

After working in the fields of skin aging and facial plastic surgery, Kim and fellow R.N. and business partner, Kathy Young Keefe, knew the importance of creating something preventative. The result was the creation of the enVY Pillow!

After Kathy had neck and back spinal surgery as a teenager she spent years looking for the perfect pillow.  In the development of enVy pillow she insisted that the perfect pillow should also provide the cervical spinal support necessary to ease or prevent chronic neck and back pain. The result - the most comfortable anti-sleep wrinkle therapeutic pillow on the market!

We could also go on about the other amazing features besides:

  • proper neck support and spinal alignment
  • relief from TMJ
  • prevents the compression of the shoulder.
  • prevents and reduces wrinkles
  • improves sleep
  • provides CPAP support
  • protects lash extensions
Such as....

The enVY Pillow is...
  • Canadian Made State-of-the-Art 100% natural latex
  • Contains natural earth loving vented 100% Certified Natural Latex which is moulded into enVy's patented Therapeutic Anti-Aging Design with Dual Neck supports which offer different densities and an added removable 1" Latex LIFT for those who need a higher loft pillow

The enVY Pillow has a Copper Ion infused TENCEL®  Liner covering the pillow....

  • ​Copper is scientifically proven to help enhance healthy skin tone, skin texture and skin wellness
  • Promotes Elastin + Collagen
  • Anti-Inflammatory Benefits for Speedy tissue healing and repair 
  •  Kills any Bacteria, Virus or Fungi in its sight (including MRSA)
  • Clinical Studies prove that the permanently infused natural COPPER ions reduce the number of microbes by more than 99%.
  • AND the benefits easily pass through the pillowcase!
The enVY Pillow has a 100% Mulberry Silk cover....
  • that is environmentally friendly.
  •  rarely needs pesticides and herbicides as it is highly sustainable.
  • Mulberry Silk is anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and immune to dust mites!
  • Reduces facial friction and helps lessen tissue pressure and movement as a result.
  • Form fitted to the pillow to avoid creasing of the fabric which normally causes additional facial crease lines.
  • Has superior insulating properties allowing it to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It should be washed in cold water and hung to dry to avoid shrinkage
PLUS the enVy Pillow Promise
  • They are so confident that you will fall in love with your new enVy pillow that they offer a 90 night guarantee.  If for some reason you cannot adjust to the dreamy anti-aging benefits and unparalleled therapeutic support provided by your new enVy Pillow, they will gladly accept your return shipment of the enVy® Pillow for refund.  ​
  • Although we will all be sad to hear your pillow wasn't the pillow of YOUR dreams they are thrilled to take your pillow back, sanitize it, redress it and donate it to their local women's shelter so someone else can have a safe place to land!

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