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Game Changers – Products that WOW Us!

We all have those few products that we just can’t live without. You know, the ones that will never leave your makeup bag - the ones that you keep a spare in the cupboard so you don’t have to go a day without. At The Summit we are always in search of these problem solving products that truly wow us. We are not easily wowed. We are picky because we know you want to be wowed as much as we do! This year we decided to create a list of some very special products that have gone a bit beyond the wow – welcome to our list of 2020 Game Changers.


 It can be so hard to find the right products for your eyes, especially if yours are sensitive. Do you feel like you’ve tried every mascara on the market and no matter what by noon you’ve got raccoon eyes? The first product we’d love to introduce to you is Blinc Mascara – this mascara stays right where you put it until you rinse it off WITH WATER (!!) and is a breeze to remove. It quite literally tubes around your lashes and doesn’t move. Wow!! No more raccoon eyes! No more stinging or burning because it can’t get in your sensitive peepers!  


If you haven’t used a primer before your mascara, here’s a real game changer! No more clumps, each and every lash is defined, and doubled in length and volume. If you struggle getting your mascara to look good, we’re about to change your life. This primer, similar to priming before painting, creates a perfectly smooth and defined finish.

BONUS – it conditions your lashes to grow long and healthy!


This year may seem like it’s all about your eyes but we couldn’t move on to the next products without bowing down to the majesty that is ADOREYES. How does one get the best, healthiest lashes so that your mascara looks its best - Adoreyes! This lash serum is a must have for everyone on staff and once you use it you’ll understand why. This serum helps grow healthy, long, full, beautiful lashes. Expect to double the length of your lashes in two months, yes, we’re serious! It is quick and easy to apply every morning. After just a few weeks you will start to notice the difference beginning! After two months you will be wowed!

What pairs well with all these game changing products? A Lashlift and Tint! This service paired with the above mentioned products will make your morning routine quick and easy, and your lashes stunning.


One of the most common features that women will not leave the house without is their brows. The quickest, easiest way to making sure your brows are on point – Blinc Brow Mousse! We discovered this product several years ago and we continue to be wowed by its ease of use, range of colours, stay put power and it takes all brows to the next level of fab-u-lous!


Next to brows, many people can feel insecure of their skin without foundation. It’s a no brainer that the Jane Iredale Beyond Matte full coverage foundation became a staff favourite the moment it was launched in September 2019. As with most Jane products, less is more. This incredible primer, foundation and concealer all in one makes your makeup bag a little less cluttered and gives a stunning matte finish (ideal for oily skin). We don’t all have oily skin or want full coverage foundation, so fret not. Come in and we’ll find you the base that will change YOUR game! We’ve got all-time favourites for every skin type. Pure Pressed Base, Amazing Base (Loose Minerals), Liquid Minerals and Dream Tint. Let’s be honest – all Jane Iredale foundations are game changers!


Do you wear foundation but never a primer? It is time to change that game! Not only will this primer keep your makeup lasting all day but it helps refine the look of pores and gives a bit of hydration to the skin. Jane Iredale offers a makeup primer for both dry and oily skin types and Smooth Affair primer is a must have on all of our lists. So, whether you want full coverage makeup or something more sheer, make sure you start with Smooth Affair for a flawless, long-lasting finish. It takes an extra second but a second well worth taking.

BEND Renew & Protect Formula

Skin care from the inside out?! Say WHAT?! Sun protection that you eat?! We have been changing the game for our clients with ultra sensitive skin issues for years with this product but it does so much more than repair rosacea, psoriasis and other types of dermatitis!  Bend Renew & Protect Formula quite literally works from the inside to give you the most beautiful skin on the outside. Helping to increase hydration, natural UV protection and reducing sensitivity and inflammation, these potent products deliver the star ingredients straight to your skin for maximum benefit and stellar anti-aging! You won’t want to hide your skin under makeup when it looks as smooth as the back of a spoon and glows naturally.


What else can we add to our routines that will have you saying “How did I ever live without this?” Hands down, CE Ferulic (dry skin) and Silymarin CF (oil-rich skin) from Skinceuticals are products that will blow your mind. Their tiny bottles may look deceiving but it packs a wallop! Potent 15% Vitamin C plus Ferulic Acid with a boost of either Vitamin E or Salicyic Acid will saturate your skin cells to protect you from UV rays, brighten your skin and help correct photo damage caused by the sun. Not to mention, 2-3 drops once a day is all you need. This little bottle will last longer than you’d think! Bonus: after your first bottle of daily use you can switch to every other day as your cells become saturated extending your UV protection and repair.


Speaking of UV rays and sun damage, you know how passionate we all are about SPF. Sometimes it might sound silly to need a sunscreen every day of the year but what most people don’t realize is that the UVA rays are around 365 days a year! If it is light out, UVA rays are there. Although UVA rays won’t give you a sunburn (UVB rays do that) they will alter DNA, can cause skin cancer and cause the most age related damage. These damaging rays even penetrate glass! We were recently introduced to Hydro Peptide Sun Care and fell head over heels! The tinted Solar Defense SPF 30 has easily become the newest favourite sun protection product among staff and clients. With hyaluronic acid for amazing light-weight hydration and skin repairing peptides it does more than just protect from the sun's damaging rays! Awesome! It also has a natural, self-adjusting pigment so it never looks white or gives the skin a grey look. It is not a foundation but it makes the skin look fabulous! Basically it is the trifecta of what we all search for in sun protection – feels ultra light, not greasy,  it suits all skin tones and types (even the most sensitive) while giving you protection from those evil UV rays.  

*Also available in untinted and wait to you check out Hydro Peptides Solar Defense Spray for the Body!! Game Changer #14!


Welcome our next game changer, Yonka’s Excellence Code Cream. If you are starting the menopausal game or have finished you will understand why this cream made our game changer list. Dubbed by those in the know, and the need, as “THE MAGIC CREAM”,  it ticks all the boxes of skin needs at this time and even some you didn’t know you had until you try it!  Think “Repair, Repair, Repair!” that’s what our skin needs during this hormonal shift and that’s exactly what Excellence Code does!  Containing Guiac Wood, also known as the Immortality Herb, you will notice a difference after one single use and you’ll understand why this cream is a game changer!


Hey all you with combo or oily skin! As you know, our east coast climate can really do a number on your skin, year round. Are you asking why your skin is so dry when it is also so oily? Does your skin have a thirst that seems can never be quenched but you are afraid to apply moisturizer because you might breakout? Well we have the game changer for you! Hydramucine Optimal Gel is ultra light, hydrating without increasing your oil and is perfect under makeup. Your skin is going to look and feel amazing! You can thank us later!


We couldn’t complete our list without this last hero! Discovered at a conference several years ago, yet almost missed as we couldn’t image finding a cleaning cloth that we liked. Are we glad we opened our minds to this little gem! First they are 100% biodegradable AND compostable so no landfills with mountains of makeup wipes! Second, every ingredient is actually good for the skin – all skin including sensitive and reactive! So whether you like cleansing wipes to remove makeup at the end of the day or like them for times when sink and water is not at hand (camping, biking, hiking, the gym) you will love these! They are made from unbleached bamboo, soaked in natural and nourishing ingredients like organic honey, sunflower seed oil, vitamins B12, C and E. They are also perfectly pH balanced to the skin so you won`t have to worry if your skin or eyes are sensitive!

What are your game changers? Be sure to go to our On-Line Spa Store and write a quick review of your game changers to help others find their wow products!

If this list has got you wondering about what product or service we might have that will fix a problem that is perplexing you that you do not see on this list, please let us know! We take our mission of Professional, Educational, Results and Relaxation seriously!


Lindsay Wilson, Master Clinical Esthetician