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Henson Shaving

Henson Shaving is a Canadian manufacturer of one of the world's best razors! It gives a virtually irritation free, close shave and will last your life-time! This will be the best shave you will experience ANYWHERE on your body while helping to save the planet from the billions of unrecyclable disposable razors!

Henson razors have over 6000 five star reviews! They must be doing something great!

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Henson has been making parts for large aerospace projects for 20 years. When you’re making parts that end up in space, you’re making them with longevity in mind. They made critical components for the OneWeb constellation and parts for the Exo Mars rover. Needless to say those parts can’t come back to the shop for repairs, they have to work and they have to work for decades. Manufacturing parts designed to last a lifetime is part of Henson's DNA.

Through a few happenstances, they turned their attention to razors. One thing quickly became evident: many of the products were more focused on selling blades than supporting them. Imagine skating on blades that were wiggling around, or trying to cut carrots with a knife blade that bent and flexed. You could get the job done, but without the accuracy you would prefer to be safe. So they set about designing a razor with that in mind.

The end result is the AL13 razor. Made of Aluminum or Titanium, they machine this razor to very tight tolerances in an effort to control both the blade extension and exposure. By minimizing these geometries, the additional blade support greatly reduces flex and chatter and thereby irritation.

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