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Electrolysis - Is Permanent Hair Removal for You?


From chin, upper lip, breasts, eyebrows, sides of face to the rest of the body electrolysis remains the gold standard for Permanent Hair Removal.

Invented over 100 years ago this medically recognized treatment for permanent hair removal can still bring fear to the uninitiated. Maybe it is the word - ELECTROLYSIS. Does it instill fear of electrocution? Maybe it's the thought and fear of NEEDLES? Usually at the end of our Permanent Hair Removal Consultation these fears are dispelled even before the first treatment. We thought it would be a good idea to share some of the truths about electrolysis.
At The Summit-Skin Care & Hair Removal we have been offering electrolysis for over 30 years. We have performed thousands of consultations and tens of thousands of electrolysis treatments. We have heard and seen it all. We have adapted treatments to every lifestyle, budget and fear level. The most common truth we learn in consults is the fear for clients to expose their unwanted hair issues because nobody wants to expose a potentially "abnormal" hair problem. Hair anywhere on the body is normal whether it is on breasts, toes, chin, lip, back etc. Abnormal might be on the soles of the feet or in the mouth but medically necessary skin transplants can cause hairs to grow even in these areas! We treat all areas. As individuals we have different tolerances to the amount of hair in each area whether personal, social or culturally influenced. No matter how coarse or how fine the hairs - if they bother you they are worth considering treatment with electrolysis.
The fear of electrocution - is it warranted? That is an easy answer - no. Although a small electrical impulse is used, it is used to heat a thin wire filament similar to a stoves element heating a pot or pan. You do not feel an electrical jolt but a feeling of heat for a split second at a time. For clients that have low tolerances to discomfort we love our Zensa Numbing Cream. Although invented for before waxing it is excellent when applied 45 minutes before electrolysis to numb the skin. We find that everyone’s tolerance is different - some find electrolysis very painful while others actually sleep through it! The majority of clients find it hurts some but it is fast and the results are more than worth it - a life time of hair-free!
This brings up the next truth - is it really a "life time" of hair free? The answer is yes with a twist. The hairs that are treated to achieve permanency will never return BUT some areas of the body are heavily influenced by hormonal fluctuations. These areas include the chin, upper lip and breast area for women. This means that you can make the hairs permanent in these areas but fine peach fuzz hairs that are left untreated MIGHT turn coarser over time with hormonal changes. We find that we usually can complete the initial problem for a client within 1 - 1 1/2 years and then over the years the clients may return every few years to have just a few new coarse hairs treated in these hormonal areas. On areas such as eyebrows and underarms when the area is finished it is truly a life time of hair-free greatness!
Do you have a fear of needles big or little? Electrolysis does use tiny wire filaments that some might think of as "needle-like". The biggest difference besides the size is the fact the electrolysis filaments or needles are not used to puncture the skin. They are slide into the hair follicle which is a natural opening in the skin which you will barely feel - if at all. These small specialized filaments come pre-sterilized and individually packaged. They are single-use and immediately and safely disposed of after each treatment.
Another common concern in consultations is the fear of scarring. This is rare and exists only when clients have a tendency to pick at their skin. This can be a habit that the client develops as she is used to picking and pulling at hairs. After a single treatment the skin can be red and slightly swollen which normally subsides in 24-48 hours. For most it lasts minutes and we regularly have clients sit with ice after treatment to reduce this temporary side effect and speed healing. When you are performing electrolysis you are creating an injury to the hair growing cells at the bottom of the hair follicle. This injury, like any, requires an appropriately clean, sun protected and "pick-free" environment to heal easily. This is as simple as trying to keep your hands off the area and following with an appropriate anti-bacterial cream or lotion for a few days. For some that have thick hairs and an oily skin type with large pores they find that after the hair has been removed that it looks like there are tiny holes left behind. This is simply the original size of the pore that the hair had to grow out of. Since we are only removing the unwanted hair and cannot remove the entire pore this will remain. Usually once you become used to not having hair you will become accustomed to the way your skin looks hair-free. For clients that naturally have more skin pigment they might find that the area as it heals can seem darker at first. This will resolve itself but it is very important to protect your skin from sun exposure to achieve the most rapid healing without further pigmenting.
Questions like “How much will it cost?” and “How long will each appointment take?”are difficult to answer in an article. We have clients that are interested in just a few breast hairs where the appointment may only be once every 6 weeks for 5 minutes to clients that are transgendered that have a full beard that they wish to remove. In a consult with one of our Electrologists these questions are easier to answer. We also work very hard to make permanency our goal and we work with every budget to achieve this.
Recently there are more fears and reports in the media about unsuspecting clients being duped by untrained or poorly trained hair removal technicians. At The Summit our reputation and client results are paramount! For this reason all of our staff performing Permanent Hair Removal including Electrolysis have gone to accredited schools of Electrolysis and are certified. Once starting to work at The Summit they are also required to complete our own in-house training to insure that they meet our high standards of treatment before working with our clients.
The most fun we have as Electrologists at The Summit is witnessing the increase in client self confidence as we create permanent hair-free areas! It brings us joy to see you not living with unwanted hair - just imagine how much joy it can bring you! We have included a few testimonials that we thought might be helpful:

“Everyone at Summit is so wonderful. They made my electrolysis appointments enjoyable and removing hair permanently had increased my confidence.
Thanks Summit!”
Katie Malone
“Yes I have had electrolysis at The Summit. This is new to me and very interesting. The front line workers are very friendly and the electrologist is good at what she does. I thought it was going to be very painful, but not so. I just chat away and the electrolysis person works away. Before I know it  I am done, where did the time go?”
Richard Learning
Electro is great! Katie has been doing such a great job. The hairs on my chiny chin chin are gone! For good! J
Lucie Appleby
“Well, I didn’t know what I was getting into. But I knew for sure that I didn’t want to be “the old lady with whiskers sticking out of her face” Still, bristly whiskers in clumps and single lines appear at the age when eyesight lessens for dealing with them!
My young friend April Hohoff Hanna recommended Summit Spa. It is months I’ve been coming now and I can say that I look forward to coming “as a relaxing experience” Yes, it hurts. But the atmosphere and attention to me as an individual through the whole time here overcome the momentary “zings” I am most grateful to Susan and to Katie for their attentiveness and profess
ionalism and care, and to Mia and the other women at the front desk and on the telephone for their gracious ways in taking care of the business side of Summit Spas operation.”
Eloise Lemire
I was a bit nervous my first time in, so I was so glad that Katie took the time to explain everything to me. After my second treatment today I am happy I chose The Summit for this service and am very pleased with the results thus far. Thanks So Much.”
“It is working for me.”
Claire Cartmill
“Best place for electrolysis.
-Great atmosphere”
Angela Johnson
“This service is one that I am enjoying despite the discomfort because in the end – no more waxing, no more unsightly hairs on my upper lip. I would highly recommend this service to my friends. I am looking forward to the end results! Thanks Katie”
Barb MacLean
“Electrolysis has given me perfectly shaped, permanent eyebrows that I don’t have to spend time and money maintaining. Plus, people always think I just came from having my eyebrows shaped!”
Denise Schofield
“Has made a huge difference to my face appearance and smoothness. I used to tweeze every 2 to 3 days, now it’s been three months since I’ve used the tweezers on my face. I am extremely happy with the results. Wish I had it done 20 years ago!
Betty Learning
“Easy Peasy”
“I have had electrolysis at The Summit and I must say that the experience is excellent. I did not have much knowledge about the process so I was hesitant in going forward. After receiving an information session prior to having the electrolysis done, the staff made sure all my questions were answered, and I felt very comfortable with the treatment. I would recommend The Summit to anyone who is considering electrolysis.”
Katrina Jarvis
“Well-explained. It is not pain free, of course, but not bad at all. Very pleasant staff. Susan does a great job; very skilled. Great after-care; love the cold stone.”
“Recommend it highly – so grateful that I made the decision to do electrolysis. 2 years later it is great – only have to come once a month for maintenance – thank you!”
 Maryn Anderson
If you have an area that you wish to discuss a permanent hair removal option call today for our Permanent Hair Removal Consultation 423-3888. There is a small fee for our time which is redeemable on any of our services and products.