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Antibiotics for Acne are they In or Out?

Recent research is uncovering more and more about good and harmful bacteria. Maybe you are aware of your microbiome? Maybe you are also aware of the effect of antibiotics on your microbiome?

The scientific reference to your microbiome is the healthy bacteria that assists the body in keeping us in a healthy balance. You might know or have heard of this in relation to your gut health. Those wonderful bacteria aid in digestion,  reduce inflammation and fight harmful destructive bacteria. Our internal warriors and allies!

Research over the past number of years has also focused on the skins microbiome. The outcome of this research has stimulated a fresh way to understand skin health. It has also stimulated the creation of important new treatments and products that focus on preserving a healthy microbiome. The other key developement is learning how to repair this microbiome and improve many challenging skin conditions. 

skin microbiome at the summit spa

One key skin type that easily has its microbiome disturbed is an acne prone skin type. C acnes bacterium is the key harmful bacteria found in all skin microbiomes but is in large quantities in acne infections. A common treatment protocol for physicians and Dermatologists for years has been either oral antibiotics or topical antibiotic solutions. Although excellent in killing c. Acnes bacterium they also destroy all bacteria including the good ones. With a new understanding of the importance of preserving the skins good bacteria, antibiotics for acne are falling out of favour. 

At a recent conference on aesthetic medical procedures in Montreal, Dr Quibell of Boston,  Massachusetts,  spoke about this decline in use of antibiotics for acne. She sited that the disruption of the microbiome, by killing all bacteria, often leads to a quick recurrence of acne infections. This is due to the skin becoming inflamed and vulnerable to proliferation of c.acnes bacterium before the healthy bacteria can rebuild their defenses. 

The newer approach is turning to different anti bacterial treatments paired with pre and probiotic topicals. Improving the good bacteria prior to any anti bacterial acne-fighting approach is like increasing your good guy army before going into battle. It provides a more successful long term outcome. 

Let us share with you the top tips for preserving and repairing your skins microbiome from the Clinical Estheticians at The Summit - Skin Care & Hair Removal.

1. Keep the skin hydrated with a suitable moisturizer for your skin type. When the skin surface is allowed to become dehydrated a healthy microbiome is destroyed allowing harmful bacteria to multiply.

2. Avoid cleansing with soap. The PH of all soaps remove the skins natural acidic and protective barrier.

3. Incorporate a prebiotic serum or cream into your daily routine if your skin is compromised with acne, rosacea or other inflammatory akin conditions - particularly if you are on antibiotics. Our favourite - Phytomer PreBioforce Balancing Soothing Concentrate.

Phytomer Prebioforce Balancing Soothing Concentrate

4. Get the advice of an expert to create a customized approach to your skin care regime. It will save you time (of trying many things), money (from trying many things!) and get you the desired results you are seeking. Book a Clinical Skin Care Consultation today with one of our Master Clinical Estheticians.