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Phytomer Prebioforce Balancing Soothing Concentrate at The Summit Spa

Phytomer Prebioforce Balancing Soothing Concentrate


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PREBIOFORCE contains a marine-based prebiotic complex that’s capable of rebalancing the skin’s microflora. With each passing day, it delivers a noticeable reduction in skin redness and discomfort. Complexion tones look more even, and skin becomes less sensitive, more beautiful.

Key Ingredients-

  • Marine Prebiotic Complex: rebalances skin microbiota and helps maintain skin immune functions. Each of the complex’s ingredients delivers a wide variety of nutrients to skin’s flora. PHYTOMER’s Marine Prebiotic Complex is perfectly calibrated to provide the skin with a healthy, natural cure. It regulates bacterial diversity in skin flora to return your skin to a perfectly balanced state. It ensures better skin health for skin that’s less sensitive and more beautiful each day.
  • OLIGOMER®: better oxygenated cells get an energy boost. Replenished in minerals, the skin is stronger, more resistant to outside aggressions, and in better overall health.
Skin types - all sensitive skin concerns and irritations including rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis.