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Advanced Summer Skin Care Without Stronger Peels, Laser & IPL

In the summer, it is a challenge to significantly avoid the sun to ensure great results from some of our advanced clinical skin treatments. Often with bigger (AKA stronger) treatments, we avoid performing them on our clients in the summer months. Yet, we want to continue to achieve great results for our clients skin concerns. 

Here is our guide of professional skin treatments to avoid in the summer, those to proceed with caution and those that are perfect for summer.

NOTE: with the perfect treatments you will still need to practice good to great sun safety if you want a healthy, beautiful skin.


  • IPL for pigment or veins
  • Laser for Pigment or veins
  • Advanced Age Refining Peels (medium depth peels with serious skin sloughing)
  • Advanced Pigment Series

Proceed with Caution:

  • Skin Boosting Peel Series (we can do this series cautiously with our superficial and very superficial peels but with no medium depth peels)
  • 8 Week Skin Transformation Program (we can do this series cautiously with our superficial and very superficial peels but with no medium depth peels)
  • Signature Skin Transformation Treatment or Series - we use caution with this treatment or series by using our terrific very superficial peels or enzyme peels for the summer months.

Perfect for Summer!

Skin rejuvenation does not need to come to a stop for the summer and shouldn't! It's important to not neglect your skin health and goals for the summer especially for acne-prone clients.

The skins' epidermal dead skin layers thicken in the summer if over-exposed to the sun. For acne-prone skin, this creates a congesting reaction in the skin that can lead to breakouts by the fall. Instead of deeper peels and lasers, our Master Clinical Estheticians switch to focusing on our enzyme peels, Dermasound and LED Light Therapy Treatments for skin cleansing and regeneration.



  • Mini Facial of the Month - designed perfectly for summer skin care. These 30 minute treatments focus on enzymatic peels and other cleansing, exfoliating  and sun repair treatments.
  • Pumpkin Peel - this exclusive enzyme exfoliating treatment is also packed with powerful anti-oxidants to brighten and repair sun damaged skin, an active collagen inducing peptide, a decongesting agent and a pigment inhibitor. Ideal for all skin types including sensitive.
  • Dermasound Ultrasonic Facial Program
  • Dermasound Ultrasonic Neck Firming Series
  • Gentle Rejuvenation Program

Cheers to the summer....and GREAT skin!