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Kneip Arnica Joint & Muscle Bath Salt Sachet
Kneip Arnica Joint & Muscle Bath Salt Sachet

Kneip Arnica Joint & Muscle Bath Salt Sachet


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The KNEIPP® ARNICA MINERAL BATH SALT - “JOINT & MUSCLE” with valuable arnica extract and natural essential oils of cabreuva, rosemary and pine species provides you with a beneficial, warming and invigorating bath experience. After soaking in the arnica bath salt for 15 to 20 minutes, your joints and muscles can start to feel soothed with the aid of one of Sebastian Kneipp's favorite plants.

The Mini Bath Salt supports 1 to 2 baths.

Key Benefits

Post Workout Recovery

Give our arnica bath salts a try with a warm bath after a workout or participating in strenuous activities.  As your muscles relax and your metabolic rate increases with the warmth of the bath water, the Arnica can get to work targeting those overworked muscles. You should ideally use the arnica bath salt directly after a workout, before the discomfort sets in for the optimal effects.

Ultimate Relaxation and Nourishment

When it comes to body care, baths are the ultimate remedy. A bath can revive your body and soul, lift and calm your mood and help relax muscles and joints. All Kneipp bath products also contain high-quality plant oils and extracts that intensely nourish and balance the skin. Since they are natural, vegan products, their fatty acid structure is very similar to the lipids in human skin, allowing the nutrients to be easily absorbed.

Active Ingredients -ancient sea salts, Arnica extract; cabreuva, rosemary and pine essential oils

Sourced Sustainably

The mountain Arnica is a protected plant and can only be collected with permission. At Kneipp, we take great care when it comes to preserving nature and are strongly committed to preservation and the balance of nature.

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