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Gehwol Blue Foot Bath Sachet at The Summit Spa

Gehwol Blue Foot Bath Sachet


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GEHWOL Foot Bath refreshes and stimulates the feet with oil of rosemary and lavender. It counteracts sore, aching and sweaty feet while invigorating tired feet, soothing sore feet and eliminating any unpleasant burning sensation.

Ideal after hiking and prolonged standing on your feet! 

SECRET TIP FOR SELF TAN USERS! - if you are trying to remove self tanner streaks simply make a runny paste by mixing the Gehwol Foot Bath with water and massaging or soaking the areas you want the self tanner removed from.

Active Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, emollients, oils of rosemary, lavender, and thyme, camphor, eucalyptus oil