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enVy COPPER infused Face Masks
enVy COPPER infused Face Masks
enVy COPPER infused Face Masks
enVy COPPER infused Face Masks
enVy COPPER infused Face Masks
enVy COPPER infused Face Masks

enVy COPPER infused Face Masks

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Germ Killing. Comfortable. Reusable. Adjustable.Ā 

These Canadian-Made šŸcutting edge enVy COPPER infused face Masks useĀ NatuVerexā„¢ technology woven intoĀ bothĀ protective layers of the TENCELĀ® Fabric of the mask.Ā  These masks are suitable for personal-use and areĀ washable,Ā re-usable and adjustable (One size fits most with adjustable ear loops).Ā  They used the sameĀ COPPERĀ Ion infused TENCELĀ® fabric as their patented enVy COPPER Anti-Aging pillow liners.Ā 

The Copper infused TENCEL fabric of their pillow liners and face masks have beenĀ provenĀ to eradicateĀ 99%Ā  of MRSA, Staphococcus Aureus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae withinĀ 24hrs, allowing your mask to self sanitize when not in use for this length of time.Ā 

How long does it continue to Self-Sanitize?

The Tests have been done - after a full 25 washes the Germ-Killing abilities of enVy COPPER Masks were compared -- before and after washing.

The results were amazing!

There was ZERO change in the anti-microbial properties!
AFTER 25 washes they wereĀ STILL eliminating:
āœ“ 50% of MRSA on contact,
āœ“ 85% within an hour
āœ“ 99.90% in 24 hour

Thatā€™s almostĀ 100% more than most other masks! And we expect many more washes!

Suitable for everyday personal use.

SizingĀ - Grey masks are available in two sizes; small/medium or medium/large.Ā  The black masks are available in small/medium and the white masks are also available in small/medium. Please reach out to us if you have more questions about the sizing.

Adjustable - Each mask comes with adjustable ear loops made from super soft stretch material which can be adjusted by sliding the elastic cord through the loop channel, finding the knot, cutting to your length and sliding back into the channel.

Important Mask Wearing Tips for Safety

1.Ā Never touch your face or your mask surface.Ā 

2. BeforeĀ donningĀ your mask WASH your hands.Ā 

3. BeforeĀ removingĀ your mask WASH your hands.Ā 

4. Remove from the ear loops only avoiding the fabric surface of the mask as germs may be on the surface and transfer to your hands (clean mask as recommended and hang to dry).

5. Wash your hands immediately after removing and continue social distancing. Ā 

When do I wear a mask - In light of the escalating outbreak,Ā  our government and public health are now recommending that everyone wear face masks in public settings to avoid unwittingly spreading theĀ COVID-19 virusĀ .Ā  In many areas it is now MANDATORYĀ to wear masks in public settings including when you visit a spa or salon. Public health officials have stressed (and so do we) that N95 masks should be saved for our front line health care works, doctors and nurses who have been in tire need of protective gear.

I Protect You. You Protect Meā„¢

Where once we felt masks were worn to protect ourselves, we are now aware that wearing masks will protect others.Ā  Please continue to be diligent with hand washing and social distancing while using this mask.Ā 
When we all wear masks we are saying: I protect you. You protect me.ā€

To understand more here is a note from the two RN's behind EnVy:

"The idea of making our EnVy COPPER infused Face Masks was an easy ā€œA-haā€ moment.Ā  When the pandemic started we knew we already had an Anti-Superbug COPPER fabric we were using in ourĀ COPPER line of pillows. Using the same specialize germ-killing CuTECā„¢ COPPER that is woven into our super soft TENCELā“‡Ā  fabric pillow liner we designed these Copper Infused Face Masks with a double layer of protective COPPER Fabric and adjustable Soft Stretch Ear loops."Ā Ā 

Stay well,

Kathy RN and Kim RN


HELP enVY with their ā€˜Masks Forwardā€™ initiative to put our enVy COPPER Infused Face Masks on the faces of our essential support workers!Ā enVyā„¢ is proud to be part of thisĀ important initiativeĀ to offer COPPER infused face masks for general/personal use withĀ proceeds of salesĀ to go towards their mission to supply these masks to the essential workers and women in shelters. They have donated 1000's to date! Ā 

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