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Why & How to Choose the Right Vitamin C for Your Skin

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is the gold star of vitamins and was the first dietary substance associated with curing a disease. Scurvy, a deadly and painful illness, was prevalent before the cure of Vitamin C was discovered in 1747. Citrus fruits became a valuable gift to give to family and friends at the holidays. Today, Vitamin C has become a valuable gift to give to your skin at all times of the year! 

Vitamin C is an important part of a variety of bodily functions including it's effect in the skin. It plays a significant role in bone formation and scar tissue repair. It destroys cell damaging free radicals and is essential for the formation of collagen, our most prolific protein in our body (and skin). It aids in the proper functioning of our nervous system; and it is also involved in the synthesis of hormones, hormone-releasing factors and neurotransmitters. Vitamin C has certainly earned it's gold star status!

Vitamin C and the Skin
Before we talk about it's actions on the skin, we need to thank the scientists - particularly Dr Sheldon Pinnell. The chemistry of Vitamin C is complex. Scientists knew of it's huge potential value in skin care - particularly in protecting and repairing the skin cells from DNA damage caused from sun and pollution damage.
The challenge was creating a formula that remained stable, penetrated properly and worked. Dr Sheldon Pinnell was a  Professor and Chief of Dermatology at Duke University for many years and discovered the key to this mystery. Wisely, he patented his discovery. He also started Skinceuticals, a brand that we have carried at The Summit since shortly after it's founding 1994.
With nearly 40 years of experience researching and developing technologies that help to prevent accelerated skin aging and skin cancer, Dr. Pinnell’s work solidified SkinCeuticals position as a leader in scientifically validated skincare. This research is the reason there is Vitamin C in skin care today. Our skin cells thank you Dr Pinnell!
skinceuticals vitamin c serums
Collagen & Vitamin C

Collagen makes up 70% of our skin and the loss of collagen results in lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C is essential in the formation and rebuilding of collagen. Collagen is also degraded significantly by sun damage and smoking. Vitamin C is has a key protective effect from sun damage and the effects of smoking. If you want to prevent and/or reverse the signs of collagen loss, Vitamin C is necessary.

Smoother, Healthier Skin Barrier & Vitamin C 

Our epidermis, or skin barrier, is our bodies first line of defence from damaging UV radiation and free radicals that damage our skin cells. It is a complex structure of cells that are continually going through a living and dying cycle in order to protect our skin. Vitamin C is able to destroy free radicals before they can reach the membranes of our cells to start wreck havoc.

The use of effective Vitamin C solutions has proven to reverse the damage to the epidermis making it smoother, brighter and healthier looking and acting.

Pigmentation & Vitamin C

Vitamin C can block tyrosinase, which is critical in the formation of melanin. Tyrosinase is an enzyme, found in the skin, that triggers the release of pigment (melanin). Vitamin C can also reverse the hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by acne. It may take as long as 4–12 weeks to reduce pigmented spots with Vitamin C, but is key to both protection from developing as well as reducing pigmentation.

Home care with Vitamin C

How do you choose the right Vitamin C to insure the formulation is effective and best for your skin type and existing concerns? We have made it easy. We have done this by doing our due diligence on researching effective formulas. Although Skinceutical's Vitamin C Serums are the reason that effective Vitamin C Serums exist, we do have a couple of other options.

gm collin vital c15 serum


gm collin vital c 15        gm collin vital c15 serum

GM Collin is a Canadian professional skin care brand that focuses on research and developing the very best formulations for latest actives. In 2020, they launched a vitamin c serum that rivalled Skinceutical's - in formulation, efficacy and results. Where it really stood out is in smell and price. They sawpped out the chemically formulated Vitamin E with Camu Camu extract. Camu camu is a super-fruit with a high concentration of Vitamin C, that also contains a cocktail of vitamins A, B3, B5 & E. It creates a better smell and an increase in inflammation reduction! It also contains an effective percentage of  Vitamin C and it's anti oxidant best buddy - Ferulic Acid. This duo of Ferulic Acid and Vitamin C has much clinical research to prove the greatly enhanced effectiveness of the formulation when the two are combined. Added to GM Collin's Vital C 15 Serum is Matrixyl ® 3000, a highly effective composition of oligopeptides that visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

yonka c20 serum
yonka c20 serum

Yonka Paris is a professional skin care brand from France that has 70 years of the most effective skin care that comes from at least 95% natural ingredients. This need for natural created a stumbling block for the scientific team at Yonka. The most effective Vitamin C Serums are chemical compositions. It took them until 2023 to finally launch a natural formulation of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants that is highly effective to perform alongside the big guys! The formulation is completely different and includes native cells of tumeric and pomegranate to create amazing results! Unlike the others, it does not need a low PH to penetrate and be effective. 

Now all you have to do is pick one and use daily before any other serum. cream or sunscreen to insure effective penetration! 

Main Concerns

Redness, rosacea, all skin types, lines and wrinkles - GM Collin Vital C 15

Dry, Lines & Wrinkles - Skinceuticals CE Ferulic

Pigmentation, normal to combination - Skinceuticals Phloretin CF

Oily, Acne- Prone - Skinceuticals Silymarin CF

Sensitive, under 35 - Skinceuticals Serum 10

Dry - Yonka Serum C20

Keep in mind that all of the above formulas will brighten and improve hyperpigmentation and improve lines and wrinkles. 

Also be aware that if your skin is really dehydrated or sensitized then GM Collin and Skinceutical's formula of a low PH will create sensitivity. This low PH is a key eliminate their effective penetration into the skin. Insure that your skin is well hydrated and not irritated when using these formulas. 

Extra tips:

These Vitamin C serums are carefully packaged in dark air-tight containers to protect the ingredients from degrading light. Keep the tops on tight and do not transfer to plastic or clear containers.

Keep at cool at room temperature.

Use it. Don't try to save it. Once opened they are most effective when used within the next 6 months.

After applying GM Collins and Skinceutical's, wait until it absorbs before applying anything else. Do not mix with another cream or serum before applying.

Your skin cells thank you for learning more about this important vitamin!