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Top Tips for Summer Skin Issues

We have waited MONTHS for summer and now that it is here the bugs and sun are creating annoying skin challenges! Here are our Clinical Estheticians top tips for soothing bug bites to sun burns and more:

1. Bug Bites 

Whether it is from mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, spiders the first step in skin recovery is to avoid scratching. To reduce the itch:

Bathorium Oat Hydration Bath Soak - formulated with colloidal oatmeal to reduce inflammation and promote skin repair.

Bathorium Little Charlie Bath Soak - designed specifically for babies, Little Charlie bath is also formulated with colloidal oatmeal and perfect for highly sensitive and fragile skin. 

Yonka Pure Emulsion - this concentrated blend of five essential oils is a highly effective for bug bites. 

The second step is to accelerate the healing to reduce the likelihood of infection or scarring. All of the above remedies to reduce the itch also accelerate the healing. Yonka Pure Emulsion is also a strong anti-bacterial remedy that is gentle and non-stinging - ideal for children! For our lovers of Patricia Miller Yang Ming Cream (aka Pain Relief Cream) will be thrilled to learn that it is also a great remedy for insect bite relief and healing! 

2. Too Much Sun

If you need and want a quick remedy call us right away and book for a LED Light Therapy treatment. This 30 minute treatment with a specific wave of light energy will reduce the intense effects of a sun burn by 50% and accelerate healing. Can be performed anywhere on the body. 

Our top home remedies are:

Bathorium MILK Mineral Bath Soak - make the bath as cool as you can tolerate with this soothing and repairing soak.

Bathorium Oat Hydration Bath Soakthis super soothing bath is also idea cooler for too much sun.

Bathorium Little Charlie Bath Soak a great choice for the little ones - will also gentle cleanse the skin as it soothes. Make the bath a little cooler to further soothe. 

Yonka Pure Emulsionthis highly prized healing liquid is amazing on any type of burn. Soak the area well with a compress of Pure Emulsion for at least 15 minutes. 

Yonka After Sun Milk - re-hydrate and soothe your face or body  after too much sun with this natural body lotion. 

3. Skin knees? Blisters? Attacked by a rose bush?

Our recommended go-to is Yonka Pure Emulsion for no sting, fabulous smell and rapid skin repair.

We hope these simple, natural and highly effective tips will help you enjoy the summer just a little bit more!