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The Summit Mask Guide

Facial masks have been around for years and we all love them. A quick and easy way to give your skin a boost or achieve a more long lasting fix for a reoccurring problem! So grab a mask or two, fill your tub with your favourite bath and relax & mask! No time? Throw on a mask while you work in your home office, do the laundry, make dinner or any other favourite (?!) chore.

Get the most from your time spent masking by picking the right mask for the job. Here is our guide for our fave masks:

Want a deep cleanser to rebalance oil and purify for a fresh finish? Try either of these two Yonka Clay masks for great results.

Yonka Clay Masks

Yonka Clay Masks 103 and 105  all skin types will appreciate these natural, cleansing three clay treatment masks.

Need something to soothe irritated skin? This special mask is amazing for sensitive skin, no matter what has caused it. Ideal after waxing - whether an eyebrow or Brazilian wax. Yes, we did say using a mask after a Brazilian! This mask is a must-have for every medicine cabinet for skin calming.

Yonka Sensitive Skin Mask – formulated with renowned calming and anti-red herbs - arnica, yarrow, German chamomile, mallow, horse chestnut and St. John’s Wort.  Ahhhhhh!

Need  a Glow before you go? These two masks are ideal before a night out or special event on any skin type!

GM Collin Glow Maskformulated with camu camu extract and vitamins this deliciously creamy textured mask revives tired-looking skin and provides a radiant glow that is addictive

Orgaid Organic Vitamin C Revitalizing Maskformulated with vitamin c and hyaluronic acid serum in an ecodermic fabric that works to infuse the skin like nothing else! Minimizes discoloration and hydrates to give a glowing complexion! Also great for sun damaged and sensitive skin.

Need a wrinkle reducer?  One of these two wrinkle-reducing masks is even great in bed!

GM Collin Phyto Stem Cell Mask

Yonka Excellence Code Masqueformulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B5, C, E, bergamot, rose, guaiac wood, fruit based AHA’s, nut grass and red algae. This sumptuous mask is perfect for repairing mature, menopausal skin issues. Used as a night cream once or twice a week is simple and results packed! Wake up looking hydrated, smoother, brighter,  firmer and glowing.

Orgaid Anti Age Moisturizing Sheet Mask – formulated with hyaluronic acid, green tea, lavender, willow bark and vitamin B3 in a serum that infuses into the skin with the help of an specialized ecodermic fabric. Ideal hydration to smooth and repair aging skin regardless of skin type or age.

GM Collin Phyto Stem Cell Mask - create an intensive revitalizing treatment with this exceptional mask! Use nightly for two weeks in place of your night cream for stellar results or use once a week for a great skin boost. Intensely hydrating, protecting and repairing for skin cells to regenerate, soothe and boost for a smoother, firmer skin. 

Want a little or a lot of hydration?  Whether you need your hydration quickly or a have a few more hours to repair your dry skin these two masks will plump you up with moisture.

Yonka Hydra #1 Mask

Yonka Mask #1formulated with aloe, PCA, plant glycerin, vitamin A, B5, C and E, rose, jasmine and sandlewood. This is our top selling mask as its time release formula repairs dehydrated skin and creates a long lasting result. Its time release formula means the longer it is left on the better the results. For this reason we recommend leaving on all night in place of your night cream. Also an amazing treatment to apply when you are travelling by plane – arrive looking hydrated instead of tight, dry and drained!

Happy Masking!