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The Mask - The Essential Ally in Pampering Winter Skin

The new year in Canada means winter weather! A NEW year can also mean new routines. How about adding an easy, new routine to combat dry winter skin?!

Using a mask, as part of your winter skin routine, is an easy, effective way to soothe the effects of winter weather as well as soothe your mind.

Winter air and temperatures can be harsh on our skin.  When the skin loses moisture, it can breakout more if you are acne-prone and become severely irritated if you have a dry or sensitive skin. If you are over 25 year old, this lack of moisture will cause the skin to develop fine lines.

The perfect masking routine is right after you have cleansed, exfoliated and toned your skin. If your skin is irritated, we recommend avoiding the exfoliant and go right for the mask. Apply the mask in a generous layer and leave on at least 15  minutes. The first two masks, in our guide below, are great to use while in the tub, watching your favourite show, doing chores or other work at home (except Zoom!). The third recommendation is best enjoyed while you are lying down and totally chillin' and especially fun to do with friends!

Here are our favourite winter masks options:

Yonka Hydra Mask #1This anti-aging gel-cream mask with its delicate natural scent of flowers, delivers both immediate and continuous, intensive hydration to the upper layers of the skin. It's time-release formula makes it ideal to apply and leave on all night for the most hydration. Also great to apply before, during or after air travel. 

Yonka Hydra #1 Mask

Yonka Sensitive MaskComforting and soothing, this mask will undoubtedly establish itself an essential if you have sensitive skin! It is a mask we actually recommend as a first aid remedy for all skin types as it is also a miracle worker for soothing after waxing for face or body, sun burns and rashes. 

yonka sensitive mask before and after

Hydropeptide Brighten & Glow Jelly Mask - This  two-step hydro jelly mask visibly brightens and evens out your skin tone while providing essential elements to keep the skin richly hydrated. A cooling seaweed extract base, enhanced by radiance-boosting ingredients, makes this treatment the perfect plumping and firming mask for all skin types. It is also very fun to do!

HydroPeptide Brighten & Glow Hydro Jelly Mask

THE MASK - the essential ally for pampering your skin this winter! 
Take a break and mask up!