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Shaving with a Henson Razor - All You Need to Know!

Considering investing in a new shaving tool or have you just purchased a new Henson razor? Here are our points and tips for getting the most out of your new shaving experience!
For the undecided you might want to know what makes a Henson razor different from other razors.

First, it's precision. Henson razors uses CNC machining to make your razor (as opposed to molding or casting). They then anodize it for protection (as opposed to painting or plating). Through these processes they are able to target and maintain specific sizes and reduce the necessary allowance so that critical features of your razor is kept consistent within a thousandth of an inch. This ensures a straight and consistently loaded blade every time, meaning that the blade is presented to your skin the same every shave!

Henson Shaving razor at the Summit Spa

Second, it’s the shortest blade extension on the market. Shorter blade extension means less vibration in the blade (chatter). Less chatter means less irritation and a better shave every time.

Ready to purchase but not sure which razor is for you?

Henson razors  are available in regular AL13 (The Essential) and AL13 Medium (The Heavy Hitter). They are also available in finely milled from aerospace-grade aluminium or Grade 5 Titanium. 

The difference between the regular AL13 and the  AL13 - Medium are the blade gap and blade exposure. These measurements are two major factors in controlling the "aggressiveness" of the shave. For finer hair and shaving areas other than the face, a milder razor is generally desired. For coarser hair, the aggression of their Medium razor may be more suitable.  

The difference between the aluminium in the AL13's and the titanium in the Ti22 is purely the type of metals. The Grade 5 Titanium is lighter than steel but also stronger. The skill and experience required to machine an exotic metal like Titanium to the tolerances Henson demands makes a razor like this a very rare commodity. The Henson Ti22 Titanium is double the weight of the Henson AL13 razors giving it a great hand feel. The technology and design are the same terrific design, effectiveness and safety of all Henson razors.

henson shaving at the summit spa

Ready to go with your new Henson Razor? Here are the things to know and do (or don't).

1. Some assembly required.

Although extremely easy to do you want to get it right. Check out this video.  

  •    Be sure to properly assemble so that it is not upside down.
Correct Assembly
  • Make sure you fully close the razor by tightening the handle until it stops. Not fully tightening the handle will result in more blade exposure and less blade support than the design of the Henson razor intends. The bushing in the baseplate allows the handle to turn smoothly when tightening, giving you a clearer feel for when it stops and is fully closed. 
Fully Tightened
2. Wet/lubricate your skin before shaving.  

If you sufficiently wet your hair and skin, you may have a good experience without any shaving creams or gels, however, this may not be the best option for most people. We would recommend finding what works best for you and your skin but our clinic's top pick for all skin types including the most sensitive is Yonka's Barber Shave.

3. Apply only mild pressure to your skin 

The Henson razor is designed to present the blade near the bottom of your hair follicle, right where it meets your skin. The design sets the optimal shave plane for you, and too much pressure can force too much skin against the blade. You may be surprised by how little pressure you need to apply to get a good shave.
4. Rinse, don't bang.
henson shaving razor

Due to the large exit channels built into the head of the razor, running the razor under the tap or swishing in water is the best way to remove hair/creams. This prevents clogging or interference with the cutting action of the blade. We do not recommend banging the razor against your sink or tub.

5. Store your razor in a dry place.

After each shave, loosen the handle to the point where the blade is no longer bending (about 1 and a half turns) and store the razor on its side in a dry place. We do not recommend storing your razor in the shower. Henson has developed their Razor Stand  to ensure that the razor can properly dry between uses. 

Henson Shaving Stand


6. Replace the blade 

To ensure you are shaving with a fresh, sharp edge, we recommend replacing the blade every 2-5 shaves. Double-edge blades are quite affordable (around $0.10 each) so you don’t need to feel guilty about changing your blade often.

RK blades

7. Clean regularly

When disassembling the razor to replace the blade, we would recommend a light cleaning. You can hand wash using a soft bristled toothbrush, water and soap. Do not clean with harsh cleaning chemicals/solutions or use your dishwasher.

Make sure to dry the razor before placing a new blade in.

8. Lubricate the threads

The threading of each razor is lubricated before they leave Henson in Ontario. However, if the threads aren’t turning as smoothly as they once did, we would recommend adding a drop of oil into the threading of the handle. You can use any household oil (olive, vegetable, coconut, etc) or standard machining oil.

 9. Blades are fully recyclable 

Do not throw out your used blades directly in the garbage. Double-edge blades are metal and fully recyclable; they can be disposed of in a blade bank.

You can purchase a blade bank specifically for razor blades or you can use a small jar, box, or other container. Your local pharmacy or drugstore may even supply you with a sharps container at no charge.

It can take years to fill up, at which point you can place it in your recycling or bring it to a metal/sharps recycling facility.

Enjoy your Henson razor ....for a lifetime....and beyond!