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Optimize Your Skin From the Inside Out

We all know that the better we eat, the better our body's function. The same applies to our skin. What exactly should we eat to make our skin healthier, younger, smoother, brighter, firmer and more hydrated? This was always a more complicated question to answer. Not anymore!

With thanks to scientist, Marc St-Onge, and his keen interest in anti-oxidants, skin health and holistic wellness, we have an easy and highly effective remedy. For over thirteen years we have been offering this unique product with amazing results for all of our clients with special note for those with inflammatory skin concerns.  

Let's start with the foundation of great cellular care for your skin. Every cell of your skin, down to the deepest layers, is surrounded by an environment that promotes skin breakdown or repair. We call this the ‘skin climate’. At the root of your skin climate are chronic inflammation and free radical stress.

As we age the underlying levels of chronic inflammation and free radicals increase, gradually increasing skin breakdown. 

When you also factor in poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, too little exercise, and too much sun exposure, you end up with a skin climate that significantly accelerates skin aging.

To improve the skin climate we need to look at the deeper layers of the skin where our creams and serums don't reach. This deeper, dermal layer is the site of the collagen & elastin matrix, and overall skin health and longevity. That’s why Bend Beauty is pioneering skin health and longevity from the inside out, delivering powerful ingredients that work deep to optimize your skin climate, unlocking the potential in each cell.

Bend Beauty offers an amazing product to work on supporting and optimizing your skin climate -  Renew & Protect. Available in easy to swallow capsules, they are approved by Health Canada for the following results:

  • Defend: Helps in reducing skin sensitivity to UV-induced sunburn! This is the cornerstone to protect the DNA in your skin cells!
  • Hydrate: Helps improve skin hydration. Usually within two weeks you will notice improved hydration. This also results in less dry, itchy winter skin!
  • Firm: Helps improve skin elasticity and firmness
  • Smooth & Soothe: Helps improve roughness and redness (from skin inflammation). Approved for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and therefore recommended widely and with exceptional results for those with eczema, rosacea, acne and psoriasis. 
  • Protect: Provides antioxidants for skin health

Ingredients - you will notice the following ingredients are also exceptional for improving many other health systems in our body from our immune system to our eye and brain health.

DHA, EPA, GLA, Vitamin D, Lutein and Zeaxanthin


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Please note that if you are taking any other medications we recommend speaking with your pharmacist to insure safety and efficiency.