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Mascne and Other Mask Wearing Irritations

As any health care worker can tell “mascne” and other skin irritations from constant mask wearing are a real issue. So whether you are a health care worker already dealing with this issue or you are just starting to wear masks as required in public, here is some help from our pros.

Why does it happen? The covering of the face by the mask increases the heat and humidity which in turn increases inflammation. This inflammation triggers acne and other skin irritations including rosacea.

Each type of mask comes with its own problems - from homemade cloth masks to N95s. 

Cloth and paper masks can absorb the skins natural oils. This drying of the skin surface triggers the skin to produce more oil increasing the risk of breakouts.

N95 masks also have increased risks of skin challenges. When fitted properly, N95 masks are designed to create a tight seal around the nose and mouth. Our healthcare workers on the front lines often experience pressure ulcers as well as rashes, increased rosacea and acne breakouts.

So how can we prevent breakouts and other skin issues?

  • Do not stop wearing your mask as it is vital to your health and those around you but try to wear for shorter periods of time when possible (example – send a family member to do your shopping, order on-line, go somewhere isolated during your breaks so you can remove your mask).
  • Keep your skin hydrated with a moisturiser that contains an anti-inflammatory. This will help prevent breakouts.

Our top picks – Yonka Sensitive Skin Cream, Phytomer Douceur Marine, Phytomer Restorative Shield Cream, Phytomer Accept High Tolerance Cream .

  • Avoid wearing makeup while you're wearing a mask. If you like to wear makeup for the times you will be removing your mask we recommend Jane Iredale Pure Pressed or Loose Minerals. They contain natural anti-inflammatories and cannot harbour bacteria.
  • Prevention and Treatment - Cleanse the area of your face covered by a mask, nightly, with GM Collin Deep Cleansing Solution. This gentle, yet effective, cleansing solution is amazing for killing bacteria on contact without disrupting your skins protective barrier.
  • If you are experiencing breakouts, then apply Yonka Cream 15 in the evening on a clean skin. It is both anti bacteria and anti inflammatory. Use only on areas of breakouts. This is an excellent treatment but it is not a preventative.
  • If you are experiencing rashes and irritation then apply Yonka Sensitive Mask liberally in the evening on a clean skin. This can be left on all night. It is very soothing and repairing. Other excellent options are Phytomer's Soothing Oligoforce Serum, Glymed Plus Arnica Healing Cream
  • During your 'mask-free' time, cleanse your face and avoid makeup.

There is so much we can do to help you if your skin is breaking out from a mask, from our medical-grade skincare to optimizing your skin care regime. So if you aren’t seeing results from the above recommendations please call (902-423.388) or e-mail ( We are here to help!