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Is Your Skin Stressing Out? 3 Simple Steps for Calm Skin!

Stress of any kind will affect your skin – your largest organ. It would therefore not be surprising if some of you are starting to notice a little extra sensitivity, redness, breakouts, under eye circles and even lines and wrinkles with all the collective stress we are all feeling.

 At The Summit, our Estheticians have tools in our toolbox to help counterbalance the affect of stress on skin. We want to play our part in helping you look your best during all this craziness.

Let’s look at how stress affects the skin:

If you’ve ever been sick and had a fever, you’ve experienced acute inflammation, which is the body’s initial response to an injury or illness. This short-term immune response is beneficial, and typically starts the healing process and helps fight off infections in your body. We hope very much that none of you experience this anytime soon! However, when our body is under increased and prolonged stress (whether from a pandemic; work or lack thereof; being cooped up in self isolation; or prolonged anxiety) we are experiencing a different kind of inflammation – chronic inflammation. 

Research shows that chronic inflammation is likely at the root of almost every major chronic disease.

So let’s keep our skin cells healthy (and healthy looking!) during this extra stress we are all facing. At The Summit, the first thing we do when stress and inflammation start to increase in our clients skin is bring out our arsenal of anti-inflammatories and repairing ingredients!

Here are our  3 SIMPLE STEPS to bring peace, calm and vitality to your skin cells (and the rest of your body)!

  1. Add Bend Anti Aging Formula to your daily (and healthy) diet. Available in liquid form or capsules, this supplement contains a key ingredient to reduce inflammation – Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Skin care from the inside out! Not only is this supplement approved by Health Canada for the treatment of atopic dermatitis (inflammatory skin concerns), it also assists every cell in the body. You will start to see improvements in your skin in as little as two weeks on average. If you are on other medications please ask your Pharmacist if it is safe to combine with your current regime.
  2. Add one of the following serums to your current skin care program. They are applied morning and/or night under your moisturizer of choice.
  • Yonka Elixir Vital – a go-to for stressed skin no matter the cause! Natures amino acids, peptides, essential oils and vitamins to soothe, support and repair.
  • Phytomer Oligoforce Soothing Serum – Utilizing all the sea has to offer in a concentrate of anti-inflammatories. Ideal for those with rosacea and sensitive skins.
  • Glymed Plus Skin Restoring Fulvic Elixir - Fulvic acid, a critical nutrient and one of the most powerful antioxidants for skin health. It is known for its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Targets the most challenging conditions, such as aging skin, irritations, and acne while stimulating healing to restore the skin.
  1. Incorporate exercise like yoga and meditation into your daily routine. This helps manage stress hormones (cortisol) levels, which positively impacts inflammation levels in your body. Since we can’t get to classes here are our top picks on YouTube:

Be well, stay well and we will see you soon!