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Indian Head Massage – Great for Mind, Body and Hair!

We are so excited to offer Indian Head Massage at The Summit Spa! Indian Head Massage is a treatment that not only leaves you feeling relaxed but can actually have great physical and mental benefits as well. This service links itself to ancient India, both culturally and medicinally, with deep roots in Ayurvedic practice. In his book Essential Ayurveda: What It Is and What It Can Do for You, Subhra Krishan said “The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects!”

The massage technique used for the Indian Head Massage treatment works to clear stagnant or negative energy that would otherwise manifest physically. Indian Head Massage combines touch therapy and energy work to bring balance to your entire system. Not only will your body feel rejuvenated afterwards, but your mind and spirit will also reap the benefits.

A tradition among Indian families for thousands of years, this massage technique is considered common knowledge in most Indian households. It is a way for family members to connect through this weekly grooming & hair care practice. Loved by men, women and children!

You will experience amazing scalp and hair benefits including:

  • stimulating hair growth (great if your hair is thinning or you live with alopecia)
  • scalp manipulations reduce product or tissue build up around the hair follicles
  • acupressure therapy helps with headaches and sinus issues
  • releases tension and stress
  • aids in circulation of the arterial and lymphatic systems
  • reduced insomnia
  • general stress and anxiety
  • reduced restlessness
  • shinier, smoother, healthier hair and more

This treatment is safe for all ages, infants to elderly! Even pregnant women can receive this treatment . Traditionally in India, after giving birth, women and newborn babe will receive this treatment daily for the first 40 days post-partum!

If you have a fever, open cold sores, infections, weeping eczema, migraines or bruising it is recommended that you wait to receive this treatment until these issues clear up. Other contraindications for this service include recent head or neck injuries, recent operations concerning spine, shoulders, head and neck or being under the influence.

Our Indian Head Massage Services include an exciting, specialized hair oil - Miracle Fruit Seed Oil (Synsepalum dulcificum) - which has been clinically tested and proven to improve the strength of the hair and helps repair damaged hair and improve breakage. For more info on this wonder hair product,  or to purchase for home use click here. If you would like your treatment done without oil please let us know upon time of booking. We recommend going home with the oil in your hair, and shampooing the next day. This will leave your hair feeling silky smooth!

We  have 3 options to choose from to enjoy our Indian Head Massage:

Signature Indian Head Massage

1 Hour - $95

Like all of our Signature Services expect luxury! Prepare to melt into the table as your service begins with a cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté followed by a highly specialized massage of the shoulders, upper back flowing into a massage of the face, ears and head! Next a treat of warmed oil and Miracle Fruit Seed Oil Hair Treatment is applied to the hair and scalp followed by another luxurious massage! 

Classic Indian Head Massage

30 minutes - $50

In this 30 minute treatment the focus is on the hair, scalp, neck, face and ears as we perform this highly relaxing and scalp stimulating treatment. The amazing Miracle Fruit Seed Oil Hair Treatment is used to nourish and strengthen the hair and scalp.

Indian Head Massage Facial Add-on

15 minutes - $19

Enjoy this relaxing and stimulating hair and scalp treatment added on to any Classic, Rejuvenating or Signature Land or Sea Facial. Includes a splendid scalp and ear massage with Miracle Fruit Seed Oil Hair Treatment!

Be prepared to float home with your hair treatment left in! For this reason you may want to bring a hat or hair tie that you don’t mind getting oil in to go home.

We can’t wait to help you unwind – call and book your appointment today!

Written by Lindsay Wilson, Master Clinical Esthetician and Indian Head Massage Technician