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Guys, Stop Living With Ingrown Hairs and Dark Spots!

There’s really no need to live with ingrown hairs or dark spots!  So many of our male clients when we meet them they tell us about their painful ingrown hairs and dark spots on their face and neck. Many have just given up on shaving, opting instead for clippering their facial hair to avoid the possibility of getting an ingrown hair and the unavoidable dark spot that appears after the ingrown is healed. 

We know the PFB Vanish Roll-On Collection is pretty much a slam dunk for guys who hate shaving because of ingrown hairs and dark spots.  We are always  excited to tell our male clients about the results and relief they will see and feel after using these products. These 3 roll-on products will literally change the way you look at shaving. 

The roll-ons come in 3 different formulations, each one serves a specific need.  The roll-ons all contain ingredients that help to correct and prevent ingrown hairs.  Next, just pick which roll on, suits your particular need. 

Here they are: 

PFB Vanish The Original

The First Line of Defense for Ingrown Hair

PFB Vanish™ is a unique,  roll-on gel formulated for ingrown hairs, razor burn and bumps. PFB Vanish contains exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients to maximize the results. Use on face, neck. For maximum benefits apply daily after hair removal. If there are pre-existing ingrown hairs apply two times per day. Hair should lift out above the skin line.


Two Products in One: Skin Lightener & Bump Fighter

Same ingredients as the original PFB Vanish™ but we added Dimethylmethoxy Chromanyl Palmitate (Chromabright) to lighten dark spots. PFB Vanish™ + Chromabright™ is a post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation product which was able to inhibit tyrosinase activity by 37%. PFB Vanish™ + Chromabright™ was 45.9% more effective than Kojic acid and Hydroquinon for lightening/brightening pigment. 

PFB Vanish – ULTRA

Corrects, Heals and Brightens Skin

The ultimate triple-action solution for ingrown hairs, razor bumps and dark spots associated with hair removal. Enhanced with antioxidant power to provide even more brightening and protective properties, becoming your ultimate anti-aging body care product. PFB ULTRA will provide anti-inflammatory effects, promote healing of burns, and regulate the pH of skin; all critical features of a post-hair removal serum.

To learn how to use check out our article : Don't Roll on the Roll-On! How to Use & Get the Best Results for Ingrown Hairs with PFB Vanish

Stop thinking of shaving as the enemy!  You can have a smooth, close shave without any of the negative side effects.  No ingrown, no dark spots.  Just pick you favourite roll-on!