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Finding the Perfect Sunscreen for your Skin Type

Finding the right sunscreen for your skin type that you will love is no longer like finding a needle in a haystack! For many years some professional skin care companies have done an exceptional job of providing cosmetically elegant sunscreens for all skin types. The challenge has been making sure the general public knew about them! We still have many clients that do not use sunscreens regularly because they do not like the feel or look on their skin. We hope this article will help to change that!

Please note that all sunscreens below range from SPF 15-50. Regardless of the SPF number they all need re-applying every 2-4 hours depending on YOUR SKIN COLOUR. The darker your natural skin colour the closer to three to four hours before needing to re-apply. If you are white, we strongly encourage to reapply every 2 hours. If you are inside but by a window (or in a car) consider that UVA rays pass through glass ALL YEAR ROUND.

Sunscreens with a mineral pigment - these sunscreens are our best sellers for everyone. They will not make you look tanned but instead even out the skin tone slightly. They self adjust based on your natural pigment making them blend into the skin exceptionally well. 

Skinceuticals Physical Fusion - very sheer, slight sheen, all skin types 

HydroPeptide Solar Defense Tinted - very sheer, slightly matte, with extra skin repairing peptides and hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract for a refreshing aroma.

GM Collin SPF45 Tinted Sunscreen - sheer, slightly matte that might be a little too warm for very fair skins - unless you want a warmer, darker glow.

Sunscreens for very oil-rich, acne-prone skin - although none of the sunscreens in this article will aggravate acne-prone skin these two sunscreens are our most loved for oil-rich skin types.

Glymed Plus Environmental Protection Gel 15 - this is a much loved sunscreen and ultra-light moisturizer for oil-rich, acne-prone skin. 

Sunscreens for darker skins for no white cast  

HydroPeptide Solar Dew Serum SPF30 - coming in May 2024

Sunscreens that are light and sheer - you might notice that ALL of our sunscreens are in this category! No more excuses that sunscreens are too heavy!

Skinceuticals Sheer Physical

Skinceuticals Physical Fusion 

HydroPeptide Solar Defense Tinted

HydroPetpide Solar Defense Non-Tinted - also contains anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid. 

Glymed Plus Environmental Protection Gel 15 or 30 - by nature of the extra active sunscreen ingredients the SPF 30 feels slightly richer than the SPF 15.

With this list of terrific sun screens there is no reason to not be wearing one every day! It is the very best and most important anti aging product you could use.