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EyEnvy VS AdorEyes Lash Growth Serums

Are you a fan of either of these lash growth serums but want to know which one works the best? Maybe you have tried neither but would like to know which we would recommend.

For several years, we carried EyEnvy and loved the results for most people! We also loved that it was a Canadian company. What we didn't like - not much except that the company made it very difficult to get the product to our customers. We were not permitted to sell on-line or post the pricing. In 2020 we discovered another Canadian-made lash growth serum that we research and added to our clinic. Here's what we love about AdorEyes:

  • It works! 
  • Medical company
  • Health Canada Approved
  • Contained both of the key lash growth stimulating peptides found in EyEnvy but with an added peptide that holds the lashes longer in their hair follicles before they naturally shed. We love this!
  • Better tolerance for sensitive eyes
  • Clients are able to order from us easily through our on-line store
  • The cost -  the tube is 3x the amount of product for $4.95 more 
AdorEyes Lash growth serumAdoreyes lash growth serum vs eyenvy

Recently - late December 2021 - EyEnvy closed it's doors for good. It is no longer available. You might wonder why we would write an article comparing the two products if one is no longer available. The answer is simple - if you had been using EyEnvy and feel devastated at it's demise, we want to insure that you have an excellent replacement AND KNOW AND UNDERSTAND WHAT WILL HAPPEN INITIALLY WHEN YOU STOP USING EYENVY and then make a switch. 

For our many clients that switched to AdorEyes Lash Serum in early 2021 you may know some of this. 

  • Clients who stop using EyEnvy WILL experience a lash shed. This will take approximately 6-8 weeks as these long lashes are no longer receiving stimulation from the formula. Eyenvy does not contain the extra peptide that holds the lash in place longer like in AdorEyes. For this reason, when you stop using Eyenvy, you will experience this lash shed. No worries they will grow back! It just may take time. It may cause you to feel that the AdorEyes does not work or caused your lashes to shed. This is not the the case. Hang in there!
  • AdorEyes must be used twice a day for best results
  • You can start using AdorEyes while your lash line is shedding the EyEnvy growth. AdorEyes won’t re-stimulate the EyEnvy lashes as they are different formulations.
  • AdoreEyes will first volumize a lash line by creating many new lashes first. This can take up to 2 months.
  • Once a sparse lash line has achieved volume (more lashes), the lengthening process will start.
  • If a lash line is naturally voluminous, the lash line will start growing length right away with best results occurring in 2-3 months.
  • If you are 45 and up you may find that the full effects take from 4-5 months instead of 2-3 months.
  • AdorEyes is back by Health Canada ingredient and standard parameters.

We hope this information helps with your lash growing decisions!

Happy Lashes!

The Summit Team