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Detoxifying with Activated Charcoal

 The New Power from Coal!

Until recently, the word "coal" probably made you think of summer cookouts or something you might get in your stocking at Christmas! Enter ACTIVATED CHARCOAL, a new/old ingredient! It is now being added to a number of grooming products for its ability to absorb toxins and pollutants. But is it effective?

What is Activated Charcoal? It is the purest form of carbon readily available. Activated charcoal itself is a fine, black powder that is odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic. It excels in absorbing properties, particularly organic compounds, odors, toxins, and gases. 

It has been well-known for centuries as an antidote as it adsorbs most organic toxins, chemicals and poisons before they can harm the body. Its recorded use dates back to 1550 BC. Some Emergency Rooms administer large doses of activated charcoal for certain types of poisoning because of its exceptional ability as an emergency stomach and intestine decontaminant. 

For many years activated charcoal has also been used in air and water purification devices. Today it is being used more and more as a detoxifier in beauty and other health related products.  

So, whether you live in a polluted city, perpetually fall asleep with your makeup on, or you want to try something new for the health of your skin or body we have sourced some very special and effective products for you to enjoy. 

Daily Concepts Konjac Root/Charcoal Sponge - This a skin cleansing sponge made from pure konjac root. Konjac is a potato-like plant from Asia that has a root fiber that becomes the softest, jelly-like material. It is amazing for effectively cleansing the most delicate skin. Daily Concepts has infused the konjac root with activated charcoal from bamboo to make it sustainable which we love. The added AC gives it a big detoxifying boost for cleansing oil-rich, congested, city-living skin.

Bathorium Konjac Bamboo Charcoal Body Sponge - Like the Daily Concepts charcoal konjac sponge but larger for the body but just as awesome!


Kaia Naturals Takesumi Detox Deodorant. Kaia Naturals is a Canadian company that produces Juicy Bamboo Natural Cleansing Wipes. It took them over two years to develop their Takesumi (means bamboo charcoal) Detox Deodorant. It has been a breakthrough formula for natural deodorants! Activated bamboo charcoal is used to detoxify the sweat glands not just mask odour or plug/neutralize sweat glands with chemicals. Add non-toxic, biodegradable, cruelty-free and natural to its stand-out qualities. It will actually take your underarms through stages of noticeable detox. For more info on this click here.

Kaia NaturalsTakesumi Underarm Bar – This amazing little soap on a rope transforms any natural deodorant into extra strength protection. Formulated with apple cider vinegar and activated charcoal to create a protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria. Use the bar on your underarms prior to applying natural deodorant for extra odor protection on those extra sweaty days. It is also amazing for smelly feet!

GM Collin Charcoal Mask - this mask formulated with bamboo charcoal has a rich and smooth texture that captures and eliminates micropollutants; revitalizes and replenishes the skin; purifies and improves the skin’s texture; evens out the complexion leaving the skin feeling soft and comfortable.

GM Collin Charcoal Mask at the Summit Spa

Bathorium Charcoal Garden Detox Crush Bath Soak - detoxing the entire body from the outside, in. Organic activated bamboo charcoal pulls toxins and free radicals from the skin while the spicy oils of basil and calming lavender soothe the mind. Epsom salts + french sea salts relax your aching muscles while a skin softening coconut milk envelops your entire body. Kiss that boring bath, goodbye. 

My Magic Mud Toothpaste – a natural way to whiten your teeth and improve your oral hygiene. Made with activated charcoal and bentonite clay to safely and gently polish  and clean your teeth. My Magic Mud’s formula is safe for your enamel and will reduce tooth and gum sensitivity. The most gentle, refreshing, soothing and best of all super whitening toothpaste you will ever use. Use after every meal or at least twice a day.

My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder – For those that want and need an extra whitening boost for their teeth, My Magic Mud’s Whitening Tooth Powder is used at night for a deep clean and extra whitening.

Have some fun trying this latest new ingredient! Your skin, underarms, body and planet will love you!