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Caring for the Sensitive Skin of our Youngest Clients

You are never too young to start caring for your skin! Especially when it is sensitive! At The Summit, sensitive skin is our speciality and little ones are even more vulnerable to reactions. This is especially true when trying to wash babies, toddlers and children under ten. Many skin care products labelled for sensitive baby skin are actually quite drying. Others are marketed to children for a fun bath yet leave the skin dry and irritated. 
We are thrilled to have been offering an exceptional solution to parents for their little ones plus ones that children love to use! For over 3 years we have carried Bathorium's Little Charlie bath products. Made specifically for those prone to exzema and dermatitis, their ultra gentle cleansing treatment is the first step in resolving this challenging skin issue.
In the Spring of 2022, The Good Face Project consulted with 50 moms. For over 30 days they documented their experience using Little Charlie for the first time on their kids with sensitive skin and dry skin ailments like eczema. The result did not surprise us but we thought we would share with you the results of the study. 
Rash Relief
86% noticed visible signs of dry skin or trouble area texture had improved on their child’s skin after using Little Charlie.
81% noticed reduction in redness in their child’s skin after using the products 
72% said Little Charlie provided visible improvement in reducing their child’s
eczema/ psoriasis/dry skin
95% said their child’s skin felt noticeably moisturized after using Little Charlie Bath Milk and Soak.
88% said Little Charlie Bath products have a calming and soothing effect on
their child’s skin
Bath Time Fun
82% said their child enjoys bath time more when using Little Charlie
93% said they would Little Charlie Bath Soak & Bath Milk to their child’s bath routine

Final Results 
76% saw results within the first two weeks
14% saw results by the end of the 30 days
10% didn't see any visible results by the end of the 30 days.
The Little Charlie Product Range

There are three products in the range.
The first is the Little Charlie Coconut & Oat Bath Soak. It is made with luscious coconut milk and oat proteins to nourish dry and inflamed skin while gently cleansing from head to toe. It also has a hint of lavender and chamomile to soothe. It is specifically designed for newborns to eight years old. No need for soap when using Little Charlie - just the bathwater and washcloth! Once this soft powder hits the water, it transforms your tub into a creamy, milky skin-soothing bath! Adults can also use and benefit from it - you will just need to use more than is directed on the package due to the increased size of the bath.
Little Charlie Bubble Bath was created for little ones that demand the bubbles! Bathorium has added the bubbles in a way that the skin still benefits from a high standard of ingredients.It has creamy, dreamy bubbles without any harsh drying effects. It contains Organic oats (soothing), Organic Coconut Pulp CO2 (soothing and nourishing), Coco Betaine (a gentle surfactant that helps create rich, foamy bubbles without drying), Organic Benzoin Resinoid (a powerful natural healing agent that reduces inflammation and helps protect the skin barrier) and a delicate blend of lavender and chamomile.

Steps on how to bubble:

Step 1: Fill tub or bathing basin with warm water.
Step 2: Add 1-2 TBSP of bubbles under running water.
Step 3: (optional) Add 2-3 tablespoons of Little Charlie Coconut and Oat Bath Soak powder to water before adding the bubble bath oil.
Step 4: No need to rinse! Let all that goodness soak into your Little Charlie's skin. 

Bathorium Little Charlie Konjac Sponge at The Summit

Little Charlie Konjac Sponge was introduced in July 2022 as a perfect cleansing tool for delicate skin! Bathorium's Konjac Sponge is a potato-like tubar grown in Asia and hand harvested, whose fibres are hard when dry but like velvet on the skin when wet. They are naturally micro-antibacterial and use the bath water or body wash to create a creamy exfoliating lather. No more bacteria build up like with traditional sponges or wash clothes.

  • Bamboo charcoal helps to draw out impurities while it washes skin
  • Oversized konjac to create a quality lather feel
  • Add body wash directly to sponge and wash head to toe in circular motions.  

a few reviews: 

"My son suffers from eczema. He gets flare ups that are hard to control with prescription creams. I started using Little Charlie & instantly saw a reduction in the redness of his eczema. After a few baths his flares were better under control than with his prescription creams! I am amazed! His cheeks usually always stay red from his eczema & after using Little Charlie it subsides dramatically!"

-Ashley L.

"The bath soak & milk bath have been a life saver for my baby. His eczema had actually cleared up after using it for almost & he developed rashes all over his body. That evening, as soon as I gave him a bath, he calmed down and stopped itching. The next morning the redness was gone. My hands are always so soft after giving him a milk bath. We love it."

-Brenda M

"My daughter has an eczema patch on her foot that gets worse in the winter and this time of the year was a perfect time to test this product. I can honestly say that this product works! It helped so much to calm that irritated skin and the eczema patch is almost gone. It makes it so easy to not need anything but the water to wash her and she smells so good afterwards"

-Olga P

"We absolutely loved using these products during bath time. They seemed to really calm and relax my 8 month old. Also, it really helped with his eczema.
I’ve noticed way less break outs since using it!"

-Billie Y

"This formula worked immediately for my childs skin.
It has a very pleasant smell and feels silky smooth."

This last review is from Bathorium's founder as to why he made this great product...
“In August 2018 our family was blessed with the birth of my niece, Kaylee Macdonald. At six months old I witnessed her develop a painful-looking rash with dry and cracked skin- due to a combination of external factors like the baby products that are out there today. I wanted to create a line that would naturally hydrate, cleanse, and is gentle enough for her delicate little skin.

Little Charlie uses pure botanicals like oat, coconut, and chamomile which provide the perfect base that is natural and free of any parfum, toxins, and harmful surfactants that are commonly found in baby products today.

The name Little Charlie is what my grandfather would refer to Kaylee as when she was still a surprise in my sister in laws tummy. I fell in love with the concept of Little Charlie as it’s safe, playful, and comforting- everything bath time should be. Thank you for welcoming us into your family's home- we are honoured to be here."
Greg Macdonald, Bathorium Founder 
Need we say more? Try it today for the little person in your family or as an amazing gift for a new parent!