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Can I use my retinol cream in the summer?

We are here to bust the myth about using retinol-based creams in the summer! It is a question we get asked often. The myth is that retinol combined with the sun will make your skin more sun sensitive and prone to burning so therefore not appropriate to use in the summer.

The truth is that retinol does not like the sun - it becomes inactive. This is the reason we never recommend using a retinol-based cream in the day. It is a waste of the ingredient to neutralize it with sun exposure! We recommend using your retinol-based creams at night only. 

The beauty of retinol is that it rejuvenates and encourages the renewal of all structures and cells in the skin. The key to using retinol at night is to also wear a sun screen every day (and reapply as needed). If you do not use a sunscreen then do not use retinol. Exposing your lovely new skin cells to the sun without protection in the day after working hard to renew them at night is a waste of both your time and your money.

Hydro Peptide Solar Defense SPF50

If you are new to using this unique ingredient be sure to read Retinol 101 before beginning to ensure success and not irritation.

We hope this busts another retinol myth for good! We do encourage our clients using our retinol-based home care products to take a break once a year and replace with either a peptide-based or AHA based treatment product. If you are taking a break from your retinol this summer, make sure to replace with a peptide not an AHA treatment product. AHA treatments, for most clients are better suited in the spring or fall.  

Happy Rejuvenating!

GM Collin REtinol Advanced Night Cream at the summit spa