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The Summit Bath Guide


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We love the power of hydrotherapy at The Summit, therefore we love a good bath. Here is our guide to help you make the most of your bath time.


The best bath temperature to create a soothing and relaxing bath is 36 - 38 degrees celsius. Not only is this temperature range relaxing but it also allows any bath additives to be absorbed by the skin.

This temperature range roughly equals your body temperature. This temperature keeps the your body from over-heating and sweating.  Keep in mind if you are just coming out of the cold or rain and feel cold to your bones you might want a bath slightly warmer. 

A hot bath (over 40 degrees celsius) forces blood flow and circulation. It can leave to the body feeling over-heated and the skin feeling dry and sensitive. The skin is covered with a protective fatty layer that keeps dirt and germs out and keeps moisture in. The older we get, the longer it takes the skin to replenish that fatty layer therefore making our skin even less tolerant to hot water bathing. 

Although there are times when we might want to force an increase in blood flow and circulation, it is important to balance the body with a cool, neutral rinse after a hot bath (40 degrees+). 

Remember, if you want your bath to be relaxing for your nervous system keep the temperature around 36 - 38 degrees. 


According to a study published in Sleep Medicine Reviews, 10 minutes in a relaxing bath is enough time to achieve sleep inducing benefits. For those that like a much, much longer soak, enjoy it - as long as it is not too hot it will remain beneficial.

Morning or night? Which do you prefer and which is better? The correct answer is either depending on what you like. If you have stiff and sore joints a morning bath with great additives can be extremely helpful in loosening your joints. A quick bath in the morning can also increase circulation and help you wake up. Just avoid relaxing additives and soaking too long to achieve a wake-up effect.

The Sleep Medicine Review also found that bathing one to two hours before bed helps adjust our .circadian rhythms allowing you to fall asleep faster and improve sleep quality.  


Bathorium - this Canadian brand of natural bath products are made exclusively with clean and cruelty-free ingredients and have won awards and acclaim. They are also obsessed with a creating a really good bath. The natural herbal aromas of their baths are delicate, subtle and effective. 


Kneipp - since the early 1890 this brand has been a world leader in natural baths. To their founder, Sebastian Kneipp (pronounced Kuh-nipe, like “type”), water was everything. In fact, he was known as the “Water Doctor” in Europe, pioneering hydrotherapy and holistic healing  over130 years ago. People came from far and wide seeking his healing expertise and that tradition continues today. Only now, you can experience it in the soothing comfort of your very own bathtub. 

Sebastian often said, “Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health,” so, he embarked on a mission to find the most restorative plants, like Arnica, Valerian and Lavender, and pure, mineral-rich salts.

Sebastian Kneipp's insights into the healing power of nature and the interplay of the five pillars, water, plants, exercise, nutrition and balance, are still the foundation of the Kneipp® brand today. Their baths combine potent, natural, aromatic remedies with some colour therapy to create strongly therapeutic bath treatments. 

At The Summit, we are convinced that his philosophy is more relevant than ever.

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Yonka - for over 70 years Yonka has created natural, plant based treatments for the face and body. Their bath treatments reflect that with luxurious, skin-loving, therapeutic remedies for the mind and body.

yonka phytobainyonka vitality sugar scrub


Cold/Flu Aid - Kneipp Eucalyptus Bath,   Kneipp Eucalyptus Bath Salts,    Bathorium Eucalytpus Apothecary,   Kneipp Deep Breath Bath Salts

Dry - Yonka Mandarin Orange Sugar Scrub/Bath (fill your bath, slide in, exfoliate and then allow to melt into your bath for a hydrating, uplifting citrus infused bath!), Bathorium Ancient Oat Hydration,   Bathorium SeaKelp Serenity Bath Soak,   Kneipp Soft Skin Almond Bath Oil,   Kneipp Argan & Marula Bath Oil

Sensitive Skin - Bathorium Little Charlie Bath,   Bathorium Ancient Oats Hydration Bath Soak,   Bathorium SeaKelp Serenity Bath Soak,   Kneipp Soft Skin Almond Bath Oil

Euphoric - Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath,   Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Salts,   Bathorium Eucalyptus Apothecary Bath Soak,   Kneipp Cheerful Mind Bubble Bath,   Kneipp Goodbye Stress Bath

Morning/Reviving - Yonka Mandarin Orange Sugar Scrub/Bath (fill your bath, slide in, exfoliate and then allow to melt into your bath for a hydrating, uplifting citrus infused bath!), Yonka Phytobain,   Bathorium Northern Sage Recovery Bath Soak,   Kneipp Joint & Muscle Arnica Bath Salts,   Kneipp Cedarwood Bubble Bath

Relaxing - Bathorium Midnight Superbloom Bath,   Kneipp Goodbye Stress Bath,   Kneipp Lavender Bath,   Kneipp Lavender Bath Salts,   Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath, Kneipp Stress Free Bath

Romantic - Bathorium Aphrodite Bath Bomb,   Kneipp Goodbye Stress Bath,   Kneipp Lavender Bath

Sleep Aid - Kneipp Good Night Bath,  Kneipp Good Night Bath Salts,  Kneipp Dream Away Valerian & Hops Bath,   Kneipp Dream Away Valerian & Hops Bath Salts

Sore Muscles - Kneipp Muscle Soothing Juniper Bath,  Kneipp Muscle Soothing Juniper Bath Salts,  Kneipp Joint & Muscle Arnica Bath,  Kneipp Joint & Muscle Arnica Bath Salts,   Kneipp Back Comfort Bath,   Kneipp Back Comfort Bath Salts


 bubble bath

 Baths with Bubblesif bubbles are a necessity for your well-being then we recommend:


So start the tub, add your  bath additive, get naked and slide in!

Peace at last!