Whether resulting from acne, injury, self- inflicted wounding or surgery the effects can be the same for most – the diminishing of self confidence. When an injury to the skin is newer, early intervention with healing can eliminate or dramatically reduce a permanent scar.

The skin is a remarkable organ/barrier for protecting our other organs and systems from the outside world. Since it is our bodies first line of defense it is equipped with remarkable regenerating properties! The healthier we are (including our skin) before an injury or surgery the better the skin will repair. The deeper the injury the longer it will take to heal and the bigger job the skin has to heal without a scar.

At The Summit, we assist our clients in several ways with scarring. We insure minimal scarring from predicted and planned surgeries with a thorough knowledge of wound healing and recommended home care and treatments. A healthy skin before surgery insures a more successful outcome. We also support the skins effective healing immediately after any form of injury with proven treatments and products. For those with long standing scarring we still have an array of treatments to reduce shallow scarring.

We recommend our Clinical Skin Care Consultation to determine your needs and assist in achieving your desired results.

Browse a few of our recommended treatments for scar prevention and treatment by clicking the service titles below:

Signature Skin Transformation Treatment
8 Week Skin Transformation Treatment
LED Gentle Rejuvenation Program
Skin Boosting Peel Program
Rejuvenating Facial
Signature Facial