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Yonka Radiance Holiday Gift Set at the Summit Spa

Yonka Radiance Gift Set


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Enjoy a Vitamin-c rich ritual and discover revitalized, smoother, nourished skin.

Yonka's  RADIANCE HOLIDAY RITUAL GIFT SET was designed to help you achieve brighter and smoother looking skin. These products combined work together to smooth the look of wrinkles, boost radiance and replenish dull tired skin.

What’s included:

LOTION YON-KA PS 50ML | this award-winning facial toning mist hydrates, tones, and helps balance the skin’s natural PH.

SERUM C20 5ML |  20% ultra stable vitamin c serum brightens, smooths wrinkles and boosts skin radiance.

GLYCONIGHT 10% MASQUE 50ML | glycolic acid sleeping mask helps smooth texture, gently exfoliates and rejuvenates skin.