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the takesumi detox
the takesumi detox

the takesumi detox

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A breakthrough in innovation, our kit was specifically designed to detox underarms and to make the transition to natural deodorant easy and odor-free. When going through an underarm detox or transitioning to natural deodorant, you may experience the stages below. The detox kit ensures that you do not have to experience the smelly side-effects of a detox as it comes complete with a full detox experience to last 30 days.

Kit Includes:

  • detox charcoal deodorant, 12g/0.42oz
  • the deodorant booster bar, 125g/4.4oz
  • the charcoal detox effervescent hot bath, 64g/2.29oz
  • detox guidebook

 The Stages of Detox:


1  "It's working. No odor at all!"

2  "I think I'm getting some breakthrough odor." Experiencing some odor is normal as your underarms are detoxing from built up toxins, bacteria, and chemicals.

3  "I'm sweating more than normal." You may be sweating more as your body is still going through the detox to get rid of toxins and bacteria.

4 The odor and sweating has subsided.

5 Continue using the takesumi detox deodorant everyday to stay toxin-free. The power of charcoal helps eliminate toxins daily.