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Skinceuticals Renew and Repair Duo

Skinceuticals Renew and Repair Duo


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This powerful duo from Skinceuticals will reveal smoother, brighter and improved skin texture.
It includes:
The Retexturizing Activator is a highly effective serum to replenish and exfoliate the skin while Resveratrol BE is an anti-oxidant powerhouse that boosts skin radiance and repairs sun and environmental damage. 
 Ideal for fine lines, sun damage and dull skin. This duo can be used on all skin types although excellent for normal and combination skin types. Avoid on ultra sensitive skin.
The ideal way to use this duo is for a 60 night renew & repair. On a well cleansed skin apply either the Retexturizing Activator OR the Resveratrol BE Serum on the 1st night. The next night apply the other part of your duo. Alternate these nightly for 60 nights. After 60 days set aside your duo of treatments (keep in the fridge) and then repeat for another 60 days after the summer!