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Lightwater Essential Oil Blend Relax

Lightwater Essential Oil Blend Relax


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Sleep and rest are two of the most important things we can do for ourselves. The dreamy Relax blend instantly tells your nervous system that you no longer need to keep your guard up.

Paired with the Solar Plexus, home of the Ego, you are encouraged to arrive from a place of your true self.

Elemi May reduce inflammation and provide pain relief
Cedarwood - Evokes feelings of emotional wellbeing, grounding, and connection
Lavender Reduces pain, inflammation and supports restful sleep
Helichrysum - Soothing to the nervous system, Helichrysum has an endless list of possible benefits including easing pain, inflammation, swelling, soothing to the skin, and has shown to have anti-fungal properties
Ylang Ylang a cooling + soothing oil which encourages feelings of euphoria + promotes sensual awakening

· Diffuse before bed and throughout the night to promote deep restful sleep
· Gently bring yourself back to the present moment

Mix a few drops in Epsom salts and enjoy a relaxing bath

Add a 1-2 drops to body butter, lotion, or a plant oil to calm skin 

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