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GM Collin Renew + Repair Duo

GM Collin Renew + Repair Duo

GM Collin

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This powerful duo includes the must-have Retinol Advanced+ Night cream containing time-released encapsulated Retinol for maximum results. This night treatment is perfectly paired with the repairing and soothing Ceramide Comfort Capsules restore the skin’s youthful appearance. 

The ideal way to use this duo is for a 60 night renew & repair. On a well cleansed skin apply either of the Retinol Advanced + Night Cream OR a Ceramide Comfort Capsule. The next night apply the other part of your duo. Alternate these nightly for 60 nights. After 60 days set aside your duo of treatments (keep in the fridge) and then repeat for another 60 days after the summer! Id this is your first time using retinol, we recommend that you space out to twice a week for the Retinol Advanced Night Cream for the first week.