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Bathorium Forest Bathing Gift Set
Bathorium Forest Bathing Gift Set

Bathorium Forest Bathing Gift Set


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The combination of these two luxurious and revitalizing baths will create a perfect nordic bathing experience that will be revitalizing like a walk in the woods. 

Bathorium Hinoki Cypress Mineral Bath 

Yuzu fruit essential oil with herbaceous hinoki cypress and distilled ginger Co2 will fill the room with soft aromatics that transport you to a state of tranquility.

  •  Hinoki Cypress Oil: This earthy, woodsy oil from the revered Hinoki Cypress tree is native to central Japan. 
  • Tibet Magnesium Salt Flakes: These high-quality magnesium flakes sourced from Tibet are positively magical. They blossom into a rich and reparative magnesium oil in the tub, lusciously coating your body locking in the soothing and healing power. 
  • Dendritic Sea Salt: This star-shaped salt is more porous than other salts, delivering you more luscious hinoki cypress, yuzu, and ginger co2 notes as you linger in the tub. 

Bathorium Balsam Fir Bath 

Recreate the magic of a fragrant fir forest in the inviting warmth of your bathtub. Coconut and abyssinian oil penetrate the skin while the boreal notes of balsam fir and juniper berry transport you to distant lands. The sea salt, dead sea salt, kaolin clay, French green clay, epsom salt, coconut oil, aloe butter and organic aloe juice will leave your muscle soothed, restored and your skin softened.