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Men's Favourites

All of our regular treatments are designed for both men and women. Many of our services have proven to be the stand out favourites for many of our male clients. Here is a list and links to pricing.

 *PLEASE NOTE: if you are scheduled for any skin treatments and you normally shave then we recommend that you shave at least 2 hours before your appointment. This reduces any potential irritation from freshly shaven skin.

Body Hair Removal

These are our most sought after services by men. Whether you chose to have hair temporarily removed by waxing or a permanent option like our laser or electrolysis we have experts to help you. Here is a list of the common areas that we offer hair removal for men: back and/or front of neck, upper cheeks, ears, brows, nose, full beard, hands /feet, pectoral, abdomen, shoulders, arms, underarms, upper back, lower back, buttocks, and bathing suit area.

For more information on what method would be right for you book our Permanent Hair Removal Consultation. 

Stress Relief

Reflexology – the ultimate in stress relief! 

Skin Care Services

8 week skin transformation program: comprehensive treatment series for serious skin care.

Signature Skin Transformation Treatment: 1 hour clinical treatment focused on serious skin rejuvenation.

Signature facial | Think massage, massage and more massage of the face and neck combined with excellent skin treatments! 1 ½ hours. 

1-2-3 rejuvenate | a quick 30 minute effective rejuvenation boost

Back treatment | for “b –acne” sufferers. 45 minutes.

Deep cleansing detox facial treatment |A 1 hour treatment for immediately brighter and cleaner skin. 

Foot Care

Pedicure/ Reflexology – great foot grooming plus deep relaxation!

Medi/Pedi – for those with a few more foot “issues”.