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20% OFF Body Brighteners in June

Get smooth, even skin all over with 20% off our selection of skin brightening body products. Use coupon code body20 when shopping online!

Glymed Plus Alpha Therapeutic Hand & Body Lotion - This night AHA treatment works wonders for Keratosis Pilaris. Learn more about how to fix these annoying bumps here.

Daily Concepts Your Exfoliating Gloves - Perfect for wearing and exfoliating in your bath or shower.

Daily Concepts Your Back Scrubber - This popular back scrubber has the perfect design to get to your hard to reach back and it feels oh so good!

Yonka Sugar Scrubs - Turn your shower or bath experience into an exfoliating aromatherapy journey with one of Yonka's luxurious sugar scrubs. Available in  Relaxing Jasmine or Revitalizing Mandarin.

PFB Lumen 8 - this body lotion with Chromabright visibly reverses the appearance of dark spots and hyper-pigmentation in 4-6 weeks!

PFB Ultra - corrects, evens and brightens the skin and resolves ingrown hairs. Rich in Chromabright plus healing and soothing anti-oxidants.

PFB Vanish + Chromabright -  is two products in one: Skin Lightener & Bump Fighter. It lightens dark spots and reduces bumps associated with ingrown hairs.