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Patricia Miller (aka Yang Ming) Pain Relief Cream 120 ml

Patricia Miller (aka Yang Ming) Pain Relief Cream 120 ml

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Many of our clients simply refer to this amazing cream as the cinnamon & ginger cream. Whatever you know it as you know it first for it's amazing results! This formula promotes circulation and pain relief both at the skin surface and the muscles beneath. Excellent for before or after any strenuous activity to prevent or bring relief to sore muscles. Also great for relieving bloating, swelling and speeding the healing of a bruise. Perfect to apply to legs before flying. Also used to promote the detox of tissues and the improvement of cellulite.  

Active Indredients-  Ginger & Cinnamon essential oils, Sea Salt, Mineral trace elements, Marine Algae

Skin types - not suitable for the face or over areas with any form of dermatitis


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