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Jane Iredale Beyond Matte

Jane Iredale Beyond Matte

Jane Iredale

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Proprietary technology eliminates shine, lessens transference, refines the appearance of pores and gives skin a flawless, smooth appearance. The perfect finishing for oil-rich skin using any foundation but particularly for DreamTint, Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation and GlowTime BB Cream. Also excellent for all of you FaceTimers, Zoomers, TicToker's and on-line celebs. 

Please note that this comes with a lovely REFILLABLE compact! The next time you order be sure to order a refill size to save the environment as well as some $$!

  • Ultra water resistant
  • Sensitive-skin appropriate, HDTV approved

Key Ingredients -  Acrylates Crosspolymer provides high oil absorbancy