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Our clinical skin care services are performed by highly experienced Clinical Estheticians with specialized training in medical esthetics. Their goal for you is quick, dramatic results and a life-long, vibrantly healthy and youthful skin.
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Specializing in > Anti Aging, Rosacea, Sun Damage, Hyperpigmentation, Scar Treatment, Acne and Pre & Post Surgery.

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Chemical Peels > we use a wide range of superficial and medium depth peels that we customize to smooth, brighten, stimulate new collagen production and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. These are also highly effective treatments for rosacea, acne, scar reduction and hyperpigmentation.

Sciton Forever Young BBL > BBL or IPL is a intense pulsed light device used for reducing hyperpigmented and vascular lesions (brown and red spots). It is also an effective long term treatment for skin aging due to its proven ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Excellent treatment for sun damage spots and visible veins associated with rosacea.

Lightwaves LED > Light emitting diode treatments are very gentle, FDA approved treatments for wrinkle reduction due to its amazing ability to accelerate skin repair, stimulate collagen production and reduce inflammation. It is also an effective treatment for mild to moderate acne (kills acne bacteria and reduces inflammation), rosacea, scar reduction, hyperpigmentation, firming and wound healing.

Dermasound > this multi functioning device is used for its excellent yet gentle exfoliation using water and ultrasonic vibrations plus assisted product penetration of sonophoresis and skin repair, firming and inflammation reducing micro-amp therapy. A great customizable treatment for those looking for a great skin treatment with no downtime.

Thermo- Coagulation > this is a safe, efficient and effective treatment for the removal of skin imperfections such as Skin Tags (Acrochordon), Milia (Whiteheads) and Telangiectasia (Facial Thread Veins, Cherry Angiomas and Ruby Points). It uses heat produced by a high-frequency electric current in a very fine and precise way.
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clinical skin care consultation > This comprehensive consultation includes a thorough skin analysis and skin education session, assessment of your concerns, goal setting and skin care planning. We recommend this consultation to all clients to have a better understanding of their skin and how to keep it healthy. A clinical treatment plan will be put together, if necessary, to achieve your goals and the protocol of the treatments explained and questions answered. The Clinical Skin Care Consultation is mandatory prior to Clinical treatments and vital to their success. Cost of consult is redeemable on the purchase of any program.45 minutes >$38

SIGNATURE SKIN TRANSFORMATION TREATMENT >This treatment requires a Clinical Skin Consultation on your first booking which is 45 minutes and complimentary with this service. This treatment is truly a transformative treatment for the skin! Includes the synergistic power of our Dermasound device, Customized Peels, professional therapeutic ingredients and LED Light Therapy for cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, hydrating, brightening and repairing. A non-invasive, non- surgical treatment that delivers immediate results for the treatment of sun damaged, acneic, aging, scar reduction and rosacea-prone skin. Getting great results is our Signature! 1 hour > $200 Series of Six > $1000.00

8 week skin transformation program > Includes 8 weekly skin treatments that combine two highly effective skin treatments that are even more powerful when combined - Light Waves LED Light Therapy and Clinical Skin Peels. > $700
skin transformation maintenance treatment (every 4-6 weeks) > $125

skin boosting peel program >Includes 4 customized Clinical Skin Peels (every 2 weeks) > $300
skin boosting maintenance treatment > (every 4-6 weeks) $80.00

thermo-coagulation >A Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation is required for assessment and pricing prior to booking. Thermo-coagulation is an excellent method to remove Skin Tags (Acrochordon), Milia (Whiteheads) and Telangiectasia (Facial Thread Veins, Cherry Angiomas and Ruby Points) quickly, safely and with little discomfort. It uses heat produced by a high-frequency electric current in a very fine and precise way. We perform these treatments only on the face and upper body. Session > $40

LED gentle rejuvenating program >Includes 8 weekly treatments and a customized take-home repairing serum. > $550.00
LED gentle rejuvenating maintenance treatment > (every 4-6 weeks) $75.00

Dermasound Ultrasonic Facial Program >Includes 4 Dermasound treatments (every two weeks). $240.00

Photo facial series > (sun spot and vein treatment) Includes three consecutive BBL/IPL treatments for the treatment/removal of sun/age spots and/or small veins/vessels on the entire face or chest.. Three week intervals between each treatment. Can also be performed on hands, arms, neck and upper back. > $1000.00
photo facial maintenance > (1-2 times per year)> $400.00

IPL/BBL Spot Treatments >For the reduction of just a few or many hyperpigmentation/age spots/vascular lesions. It can be performed alone or added to any facial performed by a Clinical Esthetician. Priced according to size/amount. from $75.00 (few spots) - $400.00 (full face)