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We are so excited! We are Re-Opening on Monday June 8th!

We Missed You!

We mentioned in our recent newsletter that we are busy preparing to re-open based on guidelines and requirements from Nova Scotia Public Health. We now have the date and we are so excited! 

The Spa will look a little different. We will all look a little different - with our masks and shields - but we assure you that we will be ready to still offer you the best in service! The key difference is the increase in our already high safety and cleaning protocols to keep us all healthy!

The Changes you can expect:

You are required to wear a mask from the moment you arrive and throughout your appointment. It does not matter what type of mask you wear, as long as it covers your nose and mouth effectively. It can be a simple scarf; disposable mask or a re-usable, washable mask including our enVY germ-killing COPPER Mask. For more info on masks and the important safety steps in wearing a mask effectively click here. 

Do not come if you have any of the following symptoms:

New cough
Increased cough and symptoms from pre-existing allergies
Runny nose
Fever Above 38 Degrees Celsius
Muscle pains
Shortness of breath

We will be asking about the above symptoms as well as the following questions when you book your appointment and upon arrival.

Have you come into contact with anyone suspected of
Covid-19 in the last two weeks?

Have you travelled outside of the Atlantic Provices in the past two weeks?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions please give us a call to postpone your appointment. 

You will be asked if we can take your temperature (with a no-touch thermal thermometer) before entering the spa or retail area. We are also taking temperatures of all staff members before each shift. 

Disinfecting Fee - We are required by Public Health, for a period of time, to add a minimum of 15 minutes to every client visit. This time is for the expanded disinfecting protocols required beyond our normal high standards of sterilizing, disinfecting and sanitizing. At this time, we are not able to absorb the cost of this extra time. There will be a mandatory charge of $12 (plus tax) for every visit (NOT for every service in a visit)We hope to eliminate or reduce this charge as things continue to improve.

Friends or children cannot accompany you, at this time, to your appointments. Children must be old enough to come by themselves and be able to follow all of the rules to have services at this time.

Beverages - we are not permitted to serve tea or water at this time. If you bring a beverage with you know that you cannot drink it as you must keep your mask on at all times.

Are you feeling vulnerable or are you at higher risk?  We have reserved our 9 AM appointments for those of you in this category. No explanations needed simply ask for a 9 AM appointment time. We will ask if you are feeling vulnerable or at a higher risk? You simply need to answer yes.

Home Deliveries

We have loved beetling around HRM doing Free Home Deliveries during our closure! It seems that you many of you have loved it too! We have decided to continue to offer this service as we feel it is still necessary at this time. As of June 1st we will need to make a small change due to increased traffic and gas prices. We will be charging a small $5.00 fee on any orders in HRM under $100 (before tax). Orders over $100 will still be free! Shipping anywhere in Canada will continue to be free on orders over $100 (before tax).

We look forward to seeing you, whether it is waving from your window or relaxing on our cozy treatment table having a service!

See you soon!